Canbury School Newsletter 15th February 2019. issue 151

Dear Parents and Visitors

How have we arrived at the February half term? Two weeks ago we were battling adverse weather. Today the sun is out and the daffodils are blooming - Spring is definitely coming.

I am delighted to be able to extend a warm invite to you all to visit our new Sixth Form Centre. There will be two events to give everyone who wants to come an opportunity to look at their leisure.

Monday 25 February 3.45 - 4.45pm.

Friday 1 March 8.15 - 9.15am.

Myself, my students and staff look forward to meeting many of you at these events and there will be light refreshments served to further enhance the occasions.

Talking of the Sixth Form, Year 11 parents are invited to an information meeting on Thursday 28th February to learn more about the curriculum available for the academic year 2019/2020. This meeting will start at 4.00pm and finish by 5.00pm. The initial talk by Mrs Littler our Head of Sixth Form, will be held in the Sixth Form Centre. We will then move to the main school for you to be able to discuss subjects with specific staff. Please advise reception of your attendance at this event.

Year 7 parents will have the opportunity to discuss their children's progress at their first Parents' Evening on Thursday 28th February at 5.00pm. Appointments will be forwarded to you by Mr Natt after half term.

I had a very interesting meeting this morning with an engineer as we continue to investigate the possibility of having a roof top garden here at Canbury. I'll keep you posted.

All that remains for me to say is I wish everyone has a well-deserved break, and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 25th February at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Flora, Victor, Phoebe and Armani for showing great friendship skills while making puzzles together.

Year 7

Flora for being the sole student in today's Mathematics assessment who was able to answer a particularly tricky question. Great perseverance Flora.

Year 8

Phoebe, Jack, Harry A and Alannah particularly for their concentration, participation and enthusiasm in the Physical Theatre workshop.

Year 9

Oskar for fantastic work on construction in Mathematics. He has even done extra homework on this topic - sterling work.

Evie for another score in the 90s on Completemaths. Very well done.

Shiroxley for an amazing job teaching another student the work they had missed.

Shrioxley tries his hand at Mathematics teaching. Mrs Allen said he did a great job with Seb.

All the year 9s who took part in the Physical Theatre workshop for their focus and excellent participation, stepping outside their comfort zones and trying exciting lifting techniques and so forth. Harry B, Victor and Rhian in particular for following instructions so well and their commitment to the work.

Year 10

Matt for an excellent Mathematics paper on angles in parallel lines.

Joe for his conscientious efforts in the Physics practical on measuring wave speed.

James B for his excellent concentration in English.

Year 10 Performing Arts students for their participation in the Physical Theatre Workshop; special mention to Rosie for her excellent participation, focus and commitment to the work - it literally lifted her up!

Year 11

Eugenia and Jasmina for researching power rating data for their home appliances for the Physics class.

Eugenia for improving her Mathematics past paper scores by 10 points.

Faysal for attaining a grade 4 on a past paper in Mathematics.

Caitlin for her wonderful part playing Christopher in the Frantic Assembly Workshop.

Year 12

Miya for excellent participation in the Frantic Assembly Workshop.

Functional Skills success stories

Huge congratulations to our Functional Skills pupils: Armiya, Christopher, James C, Faysal, James B and Caitlin who have all worked very hard to achieve passes in their externally set exams this half term. A special mention goes to Cailtin who passed both Mathematics and English and to Faysal and James C who have now progressed to the highest level of Functional Skills. That is excellent work Canbury students. You should feel very proud of yourselves.

Frantic Assembly workshop a huge success today.

Writes Performing Arts teacher Ms Scott: "We had a very successful couple of physical theatre workshops with Steve Miller of Frantic Assembly today. We learnt about some of the techniques used in the play “Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time” and particularly about how important trust, listening and focus are to physical work and to the teamwork needing in an acting company.

Frantic Assembly Performing Arts workshop today in the school hall. It seemed to get a big thumbs up.

In addition the students were excited to try out some of the moves from the scene at Paddington station where Christopher is trying to find his way, amidst a bustling commuter crowd, and then also to try out some of the lifts used in the play that made us feel almost like we were flying in the air."


Canbury creatives at work - artists of the month.

Amy in Year 10 has made a fantastic start to her Art, Craft and Design GCSE. Below are just a small selection of artist studies. A true future artist in the making!

Just three works by Amy.

Meanwhile Year 9 have been exploring pen and wash technique in their art classes. Just two of the many wonderful outcomes can be seen below:

Top work by Alex, below by Armani.

Life lessons in resilience

Writes Ms Clancy: "Over the last three weeks, Year 7 have been working on the topic of Resilience. Fortunately this topic was preceded by Jamie Hull's visit to Canbury talking about overcoming adversity and showing resilience. Learning from Jamie's story and following further investigations into other people who have had to overcome adversity and shown resilience, Year 7 have produced some fabulous posters which are now on display in school thanks to Zac and Ms Dar.

How to be resilient - it seems we've just got to keep on trying.

During Monday's lesson, Kyrell's person was Dr Martin Luther King. We watched his famous speech and then had a whole class discussion on race, colour, difference, segregation and apartheid - it was wonderful to listen to their views and values - smashing lesson!

Knit one pearl one

Do you have bags of unused wool, plus knitting and crochet needles, which despite your best intentions, are languishing in a cupboard somewhere? If so, the Canbury lunchtime knitting club needs them!

Mrs Allen's club has taken off in an unimaginable way. Every lunchtime the clickety click of knitting needles can be heard drifting along the corridor outside her room. However such is the lack of supplies at the moment, some students have had to resort to finger knitting. Who knew fingers could be used for knitting, not just mobile phones?

If you would like to donate any knitting supplies, Mrs Allen will be glad to relieve you of them. Please just send them in with your child, but obviously wrapped securely to avoid any needle mishaps. Thank you.

Caitlin doing swimmingly well as usual.

Canbury mermaid Caitlin has been busy back in the water (when is she ever out if it?). She’s got a dizzy and demanding mix of commitments coming up.

Caitlin with her gold and silver medals at the Olympic Park.

She has been invited to the Team USA training camp in Kansas City in May and races with the team the following weekend in Topeka, Kansas. She's just won a gold and silver for Surrey County Championships. She's hoping to be selected for Team USA to compete in the INAS World Games in Brisbane in October, and she knows she is taking part in the DSISO European Championships in Sardinia in September. Wow. Some people would be out of breath just reading that!

Up, up and away to an exciting career.

The 12th annual Heathrow Jobs & Careers Fair will be taking place on Thursday 28 February 2019 at Sofitel Heathrow, Terminal 5, from 3.30 to 7pm . This is an opportunity to meet with more than 80 airport-based employers, educational institutions and volunteering organisations, all offering opportunities for young people. Take a look at https://your.heathrow.com/heathrow-jobs-and-careers-fair/

Youth club with NO parents allowed.

TAG Youth Club is a youth club for disabled young people, which seeks to provide a safe, stimulating and engaging environment for anyone with a disability to meet up with their friends, take part in fun activities and learn social and life skills.

The club team leaders work hard to be as inclusive as possible and as such TAG is a parent free zone – "we want our members to experience their youth club as their peers do.” Junior Club for 8 to 15 year olds take place fortnightly with youth club for 15-25 year olds taking place weekly, both in Ham. More info from:

Telephone: 07557 397 934

Email: info@tagyouthclub.org

Website: https://tagyouthclub.org


Meet the member of staff

Mr Barnett - you'll find him at the beach.

In which we get to ask a lot of questions - purely in the name of research you understand - to a member of staff. This week we put Christmas staff dancing competition winner (as voted by the students) LSA Mr Barnett in the interview chair. Read on to find how family means all, how in another life he was probably a salty sea dog and how nothing beats beach footie and a BBQ (although that's not to say he'd turn up his nose to breakfast at The Dorchester).

When are you at your happiest?

I am at my happiest spending time at my late parents' small chalet on the Cornish coast. There is nothing better than walking along the beach or along the coastal walk and taking it all in.

How will you be spending half term?

I will be walking in the Surrey Hills with GiSung, my wife, and stopping off for a country pub lunch. I'll also be visiting London, the museums and catching up with friends and family.

What brought you to Canbury?

Being between jobs and having worked for a long time in my previous school, I was really missing school life, the routine, the variety and the pleasure of supporting and teaching students. I applied by chance and I loved it as soon as walked in for my interview! I can't think of a nicer place to work in or to work with more amazing students and colleagues. I love every minute at Canbury.

Spring is coming! How will you make the most of the lighter evenings?

Tidying up our garden! Long walks in Richmond Park, on Wimbledon Common with friends and family.

We hear you're a dab hand at languages - what can you speak and how come you're so good at them?

I am half German and was brought up bilingual. I have a BA Degree in French and am fluent in Spanish and speak some Korean. I have loved languages all my life. My mum pushed me to study French at school and I cried in Year 7 because I could not understand singular, plural, masculine, feminine! I love watching films in French and German and enjoy every opportunity that I have to speak these languages.

You come across as a very calm person. How do you stay that way?

Jogging every day and walking a lot daily (10,000 steps plus man!) and deep breathing really help me stay calm and also realising that being stressed is mainly a negative emotion. Also, working in a school, it is really important to set a good example and my keeping calm, hopefully rubs off on other people. Also, listening to 70s and 80s music, especially Soul helps. Oh and a little bit of dancing!

Best book you ever read?

I always loved all the works of JRR Tolkien. You can really let your imagination run and I never tire of watching the amazing films too.

Hunker down in a snow cabin or boil on a beach?

I think boiling on a beach, beach footie, BBQ, swimming and being with friends and family and beach combing too. I have found some amazing things on the beach in Cornwall.

Mr Barnett's thirst quencher after a long walk on the beach.

You have a completely free day with no responsibilities and money is no option - how would you spend it?

Breakfast at the Dorchester with Steve Allen from LBC, sailing James Bond-style along the Thames, being picked up in the Estuary and taken to the Loire Valley by helicopter for a French lunch in a chateau and sampling the delicacies! Ferried to Cornwall, just in time for the sunset and to watch the moon rise whilst sitting in a coastal Cornish village pub near a log fire sampling some Tinners Ale with reading JRR Tolkien.

What would you tell your 17 year old self?

Do not take time for granted, enjoy every second. Spend as much time with those closest to you as you will miss them so much when they are no longer here. Also, I would remember what my dear mum always said to me "worry about the things that you can do something about, not the ones you cannot".



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