Henry Ford By luiS f

Born - July 30th, 1863

Died - April 7th, 1947

Early influences - mothers death devastated him and caused him to work hard, father gave him a pocket watch

Impact on history- affordable cars, started assembly line, revolutionized american society and transportation

Quote - failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Website - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Ford

  1. Early life - he was born on a farm so he pretty much grew up with the mentality of hard work. He had 4 siblings: Margaret, William, Jane, and Robert. He got a pocket watch when he was around 15 and started dismantling and reassembling it, this led to his reputation as a watch repairman and he did it for his friends and neighbors. He would walk 4 miles to get to his church when he was 20. (He went to an episcopal church)
  2. Career (early) - in 1891 he became a engineer for Edison illuminating company. In 1893 he got promoted to (he was promoted before 1893, I should have just deleted that part and wrote this... why am I still typing) chief engineer and had enough money and time to start expirementing on gasoline engines.after a while with expirementing he came up with the quadricycle and tested it out a few times before making new ideas on how to improve it. He got inspired by Thomas Edison after Edison approved of his machine and he made a second vechicle
  3. Ford motor company - when he was partnered up with Alexander Y. Malcomson the FIRST time, it was called "Ford and Malcomson, Ltd". After the sales were low and they were heading for a crisis of paying the Dodge brothers for their first shipment. Malcomson got some new investors and got the Dodge brothers to accept a portion of their newly formed company. Their (Ford and malcomson) partnership was reincorporated into Ford Motor Company on June 16, 1903.
Ford model T
Ford model A
Edsel Ford (his son)
Clara Ala Bryant

And that was the hard journey to today's modern Ford

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