Giraffes By Felicity

What is the tallest animal on earth and lives in Africa



When baby giraffes are born they are very black and purple. They are also very sticky and wet because they have been tucked inside of their mother’s stomach for over 1 year. When giraffes are born the mother giraffes lick their baby calves to remove the newborn sent, because if they don’t the sent on their baby will attract predators . Another thing is that when a newborn giraffe is born it tries to escape from it’s mother, but it's mother's strong tongue grabs her baby giraffe back. Number 1, if a giraffe is born in the afternoon it is lucky because all of its predators are resting. Number 2, when a giraffe is born it is super big and weighs 150 pounds because it has been in its mother's stomach for over 1 whole year and it grows inside of its mothers stomach. Also a mother giraffe's milk has 5 times as much protein than a cow's milk. A baby giraffes legs are wobbly when they are born because, it is the first time they have ever walked. A baby giraffe is heavy when it is born because,it grows inside of its mother's stomach. And its neck weighs 20 to 30 pounds. Last of all, baby giraffes are all purple and black when they are born because ,they have been so tight and tucked up inside of their mother's stomach and that makes them all sweaty and hot. Baby giraffes are more independent at 1-2 weeks.

this is a picture of a baby giraffe

Eating and Drinking

How do giraffes drink? That is such a big question. First they bend their neck down, second they stretch their back and front legs apart ,and lastly they bend their head down and can finally drink. When giraffes bend down to drink it hurts their muscles a lot. Now for eating. Giraffes only eat plants. Giraffes favorite leaf is from the Acacia tree but they eat over 100 different types of plants. They also eat berries. Giraffes stretch their long necks up so high so they can reach the tops of trees.

this is how giraffes drink


Giraffes have a purple and black tongues so that they don’t get sunburned. There lips and tongues are thick which helps protect them from the thorns of the Acacia trees. Giraffes have many predators. They use their long powerful legs to kick at animals and this often sprays dust in the animal’s eyes which can paralyse them for a short time so the giraffe can escape. Giraffes bodies have patches of brown, black and white to camouflage them so predators can’t see them.

this is a picture of a proud and standing tall giraffe

You have learned so much about giraffes do you want to see a baby giraffe being born than go and visit www.Giraffes Learning


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