Keeping Safe What is radicalisation and what does it have to do with me?

Radicalisation is when one person or a group of people hold extreme political, social or religious ideas and lead other people to join them and adopt these beliefs

Radicalisation can affect people of any social group or ethnicity, of any age or any religion.

Who has been radicalised?

When you talk to new people either face to face or on-line you should always be careful what information you share with them. Sometimes it is very difficult to know whether a new person is a GOOD PERSON or a BAD PERSON and whether the things they are telling you are true or not.

How do you know if someone is leading you into believing or doing something bad? It can often be really difficult to tell someone that you do not agree with them or to say no to something they have asked you to do. Sometimes people can make us believe that we cannot say no to them or that we will be all alone if we don't join their group.

There are some feelings and actions that can make us aware of a possible problem. If these happen to you or you see them happening to a friend, you should talk to your parent, carer, teacher or another responsible adult straight away.

Do they ask you to be secretive and not tell anyone about them or what you talk about in person or on-line?

Have they suggested that you could go on a trip or holiday to another country?

Do you feel confused and anxious about the things you have discussed with this person? Do your chats feel wrong in someway but you don't really know why?

Do you feel angry about the things they have told you?

Do you feel very alone even when you are with your family and friends?

Sometimes we can feel these things just because we are in a bad place but it is still a good idea to share your worries with someone else.

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