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One of the best things that a person can do is travel, as a past time. It brings fresh ideas to a mind and are good for learning and growing.

Like the picture above suggests, I would like to go for hot air balloon ride in future. I just love the thought of doing it. I am not sure where to exactly head apart from Netherlands to do this. I had gone to Malaysia in 2015 where I expected to do this, but unfortunately it was not available there. Although, I had read somewhere that it was there.

This somehow reminds of Sattaal.

I went to Taj Mahal for the first time in December, I liked it very much. It brought in a feeling of magnificence deep down on the first look of it. There is something special about it.

This reminds me of a picture of Istanbul, I am not sure if this picture is from Istanbul or not but it is one of the top three places to visit in my list. I am intrigued by the history associated with Istanbul, and its picturesque mosques.

Not sure where the image is from, appears to be from the middle east because of the building similar to Burj!

Water, sailing over it, appears enticing!

This somehow brings back the memory of roaming around in uptown near Harlem when I was in New York, the churches there were truly breath taking. This correlates very well with those feelings.

That's our awesome Railways in India. Million stories, in one picture.

Appears good, like it is Mediterranean.

The ultimate travelling experience! to the Moon.

Krabi, I was here in 2014.

The end.

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