Globe Theatre Globe Theatre

Thesis: Shakespeare made an impact on the world with his plays, design, and the globe theater itself

Globe theatre

Quote #1 "Globe Theatre was an early open-air English theater in London. Most of the great English playwright William Shakespeare's plays were first presented at the Globe."(Siedel)

Commentary #1: The globe theater was one of nicest theaters in the old days, all because of the two brothers Cuthbert and Richard Burbage. The theater had built the theater in 1599 and was Shakespeare most famous theater to put his plays on. Shakespeare owned a good percentage of the theater and its operations.

Quote #2: "The brothers Cuthbert and Richard Burbage constructed the theater in 1599 from the timbers of London's first playhouse, called The Theatre" (Siedel)

Commentary #2: The two brothers built the famous theatre which then became one of the most famous theatres and Shakespeare's most used theatre

Quote #3: ''Shakespeare owned a modest percentage of the theater and its operations.'' (Siedel)

Commentary #3: Since Shakespeare put most of his famous plays in their he owned a good percentage of the theatre. Southwark was a famous city so a lot of people would attend their plays

Quote #4: "The groundings, those eight hundred or more people who stood shoulder to shoulder around the stage for the price of a penny, loved a good show. Most people still do." (Siedel)

Commentary #4: Wasn't the best "stand" in the house but the only stand in the theatre was the ground. It was horrible to stand up for so long, but it’s for the price of a penny.


Quote #5: "Its stage occupied the open-air space, with a pit in front for standing viewers. The stage was surrounded by several levels of seating."(Siedel)

Commentary #5: The globe theatre had many levels of spectating so that everyone could see from their preferred seating. The pit in the middle was for only 1 cent because you have to stand the whole time

Quote #6: "In 1613, the Globe burned down. It was rebuilt on the same foundation and reopened in 1614. The Globe was shut down in 1642 and torn down in 1644." (Siedel)

Commentary #6: Since the famous theatre was burned down and had so much history in it, they re built it so It could be remembered. After the theatre wasn't used as often it got torn down.

Quote #7: "two planks and a passion." (Anderson 2)

Commentary #7: The planks are the stage and it has gone through various changes

Performances inside Globe Theatre

Quote #8: "Cymbeline is a five-act play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare." (Siedel)

Commentary #8: Cymbeline very first performed in the globe theatre

Quote #9: "It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater, owned by Shakespeare and his acting company, in the Southwark borough of London." (Siedel)

Commentary #9: Henry V was the first play performed at the globe theatre. The play was written and performed the same year as the theatre was built

Quote #10: "It was probably written in 1606 and first performed at the Globe Theatre, London, in the same year, possibly in front of King James I." (Siedel)

Commentary #10: Played at globe theatre for its first performance and the first play under King James I

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