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Developing country suffer from unsanitary home environment. People have to live in these homes and go through many issues every day .

To help out with unsanitary and poor living environment . They can start to build more safer environment for these people to live and really improve the areas they are surrounded in.

Developing countries should provide more educational opportunities for women , so they could get a job and have less children.
With more access to medicine women can have less children , because less children will die.
Having access to clean water, reduces the incidences of water borne illnesses , which lowers the mortality rate.
This shows that developing countries have a higher birth rate but also a higher mortality rate. The developed countries have a smaller birth rate and a higher life expectancy.
A lot of people in developing counties don't have a stable food supply. which raises the mortality rate. This makes women have more children.

A possible solution for the lack of cleaning water problem would be to provide the people in developing countries with life straws. Which filters the water and makes it safe to drink.

The literacy statistics for developing countries show that even after five years of primary education, close to 50% of students remain illiterate. (Micheal Peter)

The government should prioritize the provision of safe, mild and cost-effective assisted reproduction treatments with single embryo transfer so that more treatment cycles could be offered within the available health budget. This would save costs associated with drugs, hospital admissions for OHSS and multiple pregnancies.( G nargund)
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