H. Goose Classic Field Grade Watches


H. Goose is a South Carolina based watch company committed to producing heirloom quality, classically styled, affordable watches.

The Saluda Field Watch is the perfect all purpose everyday wear accessory; the one watch you can wake up in, work out in, wear to work, spend an afternoon fishing with it on your wrist, and wear out for a night on the town. With smaller sizes reminiscent of mid 20th century design, H. Goose watches are understated and handsome. Heirloom quality, modern durability, and worry free wearability.

About Us

H. Goose officially started in late 2014 when Harris Quinn designed his first watch and started tracking down the parts and pieces he would need to build it. His fascination with watches dates back to the late 90's when he bought his first watch from Alpine Ski Center in Greenville, SC. 15 years later, wearing a US Navy uniform, working for a 3-letter agency and wearing a watch on each wrist to monitor 3 time zones, Harris got the idea to create the ideal all-purpose watch. He wanted a watch he could wake up wearing, work out with, wear to the office, take on fishing trips and still wear with a suit or jacket for a night out.

H. Goose is committed to producing high quality affordable watches that can last a lifetime. An heirloom timepiece doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and you shouldn't be afraid to wear your favorite watch because it requires it's own insurance policy.

H. is for Harris. Goose is Harris' dog. Goose is energetic, strong and smart. He's the ultimate companion and represents well the idea behind our watches. Go anywhere, work smart, play hard and get the most out of everything.

The Saluda field watch

The Saluda field watch represents an ideal first thought of on a long boat ride. In the Spring of 2012 Harris, a friend and the friend's dog got in a canoe in the headwaters of the Saluda River in South Carolina and started paddling. 12 days later they were in Shem Creek on the east side of Charleston Harbor.

You learn a lot about yourself and your friend and his dog on a 12 day cross state boat ride but you really learn a lot about the gear you take. From that trip came a desire for better shoes, better coolers, better watches, better lots of things. In late 2014, with only a few weeks left in the Navy and trying to decide what to do with a few months down time on the horizon before settling into a new career, Harris decided to create a watch that would have been at home on that boat ride or in the fast paced office environment he was heading in to.

The Saluda is foremost a beautiful watch. The polished sapphire crystal is super scratch resistant and designed to last. The 316L brushed stainless case and polished caseback are lightweight, durable and designed to look better with age. The RONDA normtech Swiss quartz movement isn't your average battery powered watch movement. Gold plated and utilizing 5 synthetic jewels for incredible accuracy, these movements are built to provide near flawless timekeeping for years and years. When worn with a signature Hadley Roma canvas and Cordura band, you have the perfect watch for just about any situation. Odor and moisture wicking, Cordura is a high grade synthetic leather perfect for skin contact. If a simpler cleaner look is what you're after, our field grade Vintage NATO nylon one piece straps are a perfect option.

Life is about balance. Work smart, play hard, and get the most out of everything. The Saluda field watch is the perfect companion for adventures big and small.

Quality parts and warranty

H. Goose watches are made from the highest quality parts available while still being affordable. We use 316L stainless steel for our cases and sapphire crystal for our glass.

The heart of each watch is a 5-jewel, gold plated, all Swiss made RONDA normtech quartz movement. These aren't average quartz movements designed to last a few years on one battery. These are highly accurate and long lasting movements designed to accommodate multiple battery changes before having to be replaced. If maintained properly, these movements can and will last a lifetime.

We offer a variety of band and strap options for our watches. Each watch comes with a Hadley Roma Canvas two piece band. These are made in the US out of high quality Cordura synthetic leather. They're moisture and odor wicking and break in quickly providing a supple and durable feel that lasts for years. H. Goose also offers one piece Vintage NATO straps made out of nylon as well as two piece leather dress bands made from the highest quality materials.

Unlike most watch companies, we do not offer a warranty per se. We absolutely stand behind our products. If your watch becomes damaged or is damaged upon delivery or is, in any way, defective or malfunctioning, let us know. As long as we are in business we will advise you on how to fix, repair or replace your watch. If the problem is our fault, we will send you a new watch. If the problem is due to operator error, we can still help. If you drop your watch off a 10 story building or your buddy runs it over in his 1976 Land Cruiser FJ40, we'll take care of you. If the watch cannot be fixed we will sell you a new one at a greatly diminished price (and we get to keep and display the one you broke). If it's fixable, we'll fix it.


We would love to hear from you. Find us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email. harris@hgoose.com

Use the hashtag #hgoose, or #saludafieldwatch for a chance to be featured on our page. We'd love to see where you take our product, but most importantly; where our product takes you.

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