Butter Side Up or Down? BY: Ally poirier

How does bread and butter relate to the church?

You probably think that the bread and butter experiment has nothing to do with the church, but in reality it really does. In the experiment the more butter you added the more likely it was that the bread would land butter down. Relating to the church the more conformity and strict rules you make the people abide by the more the church will begin to fall. When the church has less rules to conform to, when the bread has less butter, the more likely the church will have a good outcome, the bread falling butter side up. The church will continue to prosper and gain more followers if they don't build up as many strict rules, like adding more butter. This is important to listen to because it's a way for the church to improve and become a better society giving the people more happiness. Who wouldn't want that?

The church already has smart and logical ideas, but improving them wouldn't hurt!


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