Lorenzo Ghiberti Italian sculptor


  • Ghiberti was born in Pelago, Italy. The exact date he was born is unknown, but he was born in the year 1378.
  • He died on December 1, 1455 at age 77.
  • The Ghiberti's home in Italy is where Lorenzo spent most of his life.
  • Ghiberti learned his talents of being a sculptor from his father, Bartolo. He also received minimal training in painting.
  • Ghiberti’s stepfather, Bartolo de Michele, was a goldsmith. His mother Mona Fiore, re-married to Bartolo after leaving her previous marriage to Cione Ghiberti. Lorenzo Ghiberti was raised in a goldsmith household, and grew to love the practice. Lorenzo Ghiberti married Marsila, Bartolomeo di Luca's daughter, and they had two sons.
  • Ghiberti was an Italian sculptor. His most famous work of art was the pair of doors for the baptistry in Florence’s Cathedral, called the "Gates of Paradise". He also made three bronze statues for Orsanmichele. Ghiberti even wrote three treatises on art history called Commentari. Unfortunately, Ghiberti's art in rare stone and metal has disappeared.
  • In a competition for the commission to build the bronze doors, a panel of judges chose Ghiberti and his six sculptors to complete the task, acting as his patrons.


"Gates of Paradise"
  • These bronze doors are named, "Gates of Paradise"
  • The commission was released in 1401, and Ghiberti and his helpers finished the doors in 1424.
  • Today, this stunning piece of artwork is located in Piazza S Giovanni, 50122, Firenze Italy.
  • These marvelous doors have withstood torrential floods, air pollution, and vandalism. They depict biblical scenes from the Old Testament. Even Michelangelo, a very influential Renaissance artist, commented on its grand size and impressive detailing, calling it the "Gates of Paradise".
  • 27 years of hard work were put into the seven foot tall, three ton masterpiece, and it was sculpted flawlessly. This work of art is filled with skillful techniques and precision as it showcases scenes from the bible such as Adam and Eve, and David and Goliath.
  • Lorenzo Ghiberti and the "Gates of Paradise" greatly exemplify the idea of classicism. The structure of the bronze doors are very symmetrical and the sculpting is beautiful and elegant. Often times, classicism sculptors had religious themes, which is shown in the biblical scenes on the "Gates of Paradise".
  • At the same time Ghiberti was working on the bronze doors, he was also creating stained glass windows inside the Cathedral. In addition, Ghiberti regularly served as the architectural consultant.


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Ghiberti, Lorenzo. Door of Paradise. 1425, bronze, Florence, Italy.


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