Connect is an easy to use and extremely powerful tool, to activate and balance your energy system, getting out of negative mental programing and to connect you to your inner strength, in just a view minutes.


  • Supports you to stay clear and focused during the day
  • It activates your life force
  • It activates your creativity
  • Connects you to your inner strength
  • Gets you out of mental programming
  • Balances your energy system
  • Brings stuck energies in flow
  • Loads you with cosmic energy


After payment you will get a LINK for downloading your binaural sound file with an energetic transmission

Return policy: no return possible after 60 days

Connect is a scientifically proven and powerful tool to support you to stay connected to your inner strength. It is easy to integrate in your daily routine and supports you in your daily wellbeing. It is a helpful tool for your daily wellbeing but It does not replace consistent personal development work.

You can use it whenever you feel out of balance, triggered or if you feel the strong call to connect to your inner strength.

Christian Walker explains the tool in this short video

Christian Walker - Universal Design | Geimoosstrasse 10 | 8712 Stäfa | Switzerland

cw@christianwalker.ch | +41 76 205 72 72


The sound file was originally produced in Tibet with 7 Tibetan bowls. The frequency is adjusted to balance the energetic system and provided with a binaural sound effect.

Binaural beats, or binaural tones were first discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on results, that binaural beats help to relax, improves the quality of meditation, increases creativity and reduce anxiety.


Energetic transmissions help you to clear stuck energies. It is an intentional clearing tool to free you from energetic blocks and removes old programming. It works with the quantum field and the highest intention for all beings involved. It is a deep transformational tool to assist you in your personal development process and daily wellbeing.


Connect is a scientifically proven clearing tool. All benefits are scientifically tested with the Biowell advice, also used by Dr. Joe Dispenza to show the positive effects of meditation on wellbeing.

The tool has been proven to effectively and significantly

  • reduce stress
  • balance the autonomic nervous system
  • revitalize organs
  • boost the energy


I am passionate and dedicated to support you to feel, experience and express your true power by creating heart opening, inspiring, unique and groundbreaking opportunities and spaces for you.

For over two decades I have been designing spaces, products and processes for international top organizations and entrepreneurs and I supported hundreds of people from all walks of life, to live their true potential.

The last decade I studied the art of chi flow from ancient and modern masters and experienced how the chi flow in spaces and in our body’s influences our wellbeing.

I immersed myself into the topic of sacred geometry, created buildings and spaces with natural materials and created a design approach to create places and spaces for people to live their true power.

I am Universal Design & Wellbeing Expert, initiated Kriya Yogi, have a master degree in material science and business administration and a career as successful manager, CEO and entrepreneur.


"Your energy and presence is divine. You bring so much love, joy and divine magic into my life Christian. Thank you so so much for your unending support and love. You have impacted my life so much."

Abby Kneipp, Sacred Feminine Mentor

www.christianwalker.ch | Geimoosstrasse 10 | 8712 Stäfa | Switzerland


Christian Walker - Universal Design | Geimoosstrasse 10 | 8712 Stäfa | Switzerland

cw@christianwalker.ch | +41 76 205 72 72


no return possible after 60 days


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