Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Maria Maceda

Nature on Display: The butterfly rain forest is one of the best exhibits I have ever been to. This little piece of nature is a serene and peaceful little getaway from the real world. It was so relaxing to hear the birds signing, the waterfalls hitting the rocks at the bottom, and the beautiful butterflies fluttering around. The fact that there is so many flowers, plants, trees, and all types of green life throughout the exhibit makes it feel as if you are really in a forest! The pathway as well makes it feel as if it is a secret garden and all the benches really fit this ambiance as well. This exhibit allows for people to step out of the real world and go into this peaceful little piece of nature. The different colors, form the flowers to the butterflies allows for people to appreciate the little things in life. Butterflies are one of my favorite creatures and this exhibit captured my attention like no other. I learned many facts about butterflies that I did not know before and being able to have them so close, watching them live freely really brings me joy.
Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum definitely provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. It allows you to see nature in a state of ease, as well as watching nature in a state of untouched. Even though the exhibit is man-made after it was created, the creatures and plant life that lives here made it their home. The butterflies flutter around so freely and they seem as if they know that they wont be harmed. While walking around, one butterfly flew right next to my face and I could not contain my excitement. Nature is a gift and humans must not take it for advantage, I believe that must people told do not appreciate the beauty or benefits of nature. This exhibit allows for people to connect with what life gives us for free. For me, nature is my escape, going to a park or simply stepping outside has always been a way for me to relax and forget about all of my stress. While walking through the museum I felt so calm and I thought about how lucky UF students are to have free access to such beauty. The exhibit might not have instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines because I have a deep connection with nature already. But it definitely reminded me why it is that nature is one of my favorite parts about this life. Being vegan allows me to respect, accept and love all of natures creatures.
Nature and the Human Spirit: Keith Herrera, 21, was admiring the beauty of this exhibit and pondering about life's beauty. The butterfly rain forest shows the majestic and mysterious parts of nature and allowed me to question how colors appear on such things. The butterflies had such incredible patterns and colors on them, almost as if someone painted them. Also, the flowers all over have beautiful vibrant colors on them as well. This exhibit allows people to step out of their reality and experience nature in a way where you realize how easy it is to let materialistic or unimportant aspects affect us in a negative way. Meaning, people have forgotten about nature and don't really pay much attention to it because of distracting elements, like technology. This museum appreciates nature and all its wonderful mysteries. Going outside or to a park allows for people to realize that there is so much more to this world than what the media or trends make it. Nature is a gift given to us for free and people should start taking more advantage of it. I know that this wont be the last time I go to the butterfly rain forest.

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