monument 14 by emmy lay bourne

monument 14 sky on fire, written by emmy laybourne who is a writer and an actress. she has appeared in movies like superstar and the the in-laws and has preformed origonal comedy on comedy central, mtv, vh1, and with ucb and chicago city limits she lives in upstate new york with her husband and there two children.

the book monument 14, is about a group of people who become trapped in a superstore after a bunch of disasters, including a monstrous hailstorm and a chemical weopons spill that effects people differently with different blood types, the group ia then seperated when a large portion of the group here about a safe place called denver international airport. they decide to leave the superstore to head to the airport. the remaining surviors stay in the store.

the remaining survivors in the store are outside when one of there gas masks is craked and the person wearing is turned into a maniac. the survivors manage to get the gas mask back on the survivor. and head back into the store and reinforce the door to keep the chemicals out when someone yells at them from the outside. the person yelling at the survivors asks for food but the survivors are hesitant because they ere recently attacked by a two people. so one of the survivors tells aonther to go to the roof and drop some food and water down too the man. one of the survivors go's. and the group of survivors are traveling slowly to the airport because it was hard to see because of the chemicals and the tires of the bus they were traveling in was covered in am acid that was slowly eating away the tire. they see many dead bodies on the side of the street some of them died from the chemicals others died from the chemically infected back at the superstore the man who was wanting supplys returns with someone holing him at gun point the main character does not let the men in and the man who was holding the weapon kills the man who was wanting supplys earlier in the book the man with the weapon tries to break into the store but the main character attacks the man trying to break into the store, with a chainsaw the main character is contaminated by the chemicals and is turned into psychopath that kills the man, using a chainsaw. one of the characters from the first part of the book series returns and subdues the main character before he could hurt the survivors in the store. the group that headed towards the airport encountered a group of kids who had stopped there bus and taken control of the bus, the survivors were kicked out of the bus, and left to walk to the airport in eight layers of clothing and a gas mask on. they encounter the infected that go crazy in the chemical. and half to flee. they then encounter one of the survivors family member in a trailer park. who teaches them how to get the chemicals out of there cloths using cigarette smoke. and after a day of resting the group heads back out into the chemicals to get to the airport. back at the store the survor that had left and returned had untied the main character, and had let the the people who had stolen the bus from the other survivors in. the main character is injured from the fight with man who tried to break in. the group is led by a deranged man who taked control of the store. before the group had arrived the survivors were hiding because of the man who tried to break in. they are till hiding but are aware of what was going on. after the deranged leader helped the main character with his wounds he had his group start doing exercises. the main character and the survior who had left but returned took advantage of this by putting a entire bottle of sleeping pills in a jug of water. after they were finished exerciseing two of the men from there group drink a cup of water they eventually fall asleep and never woke up the leader of there group caught on to what was goiing on and shot the survivor that left but return. the main character and the deranged leader begin to fight and after a while it looks like the deranged leader was about to win when one of the survivors who was hiding shoots the deranged leader in the gut and the main character gives him the option of of drinking the water that the sleeping pills in it or die suffering the deranged leader takes the water. and the group who had left on the bus made it to the airport and got help for the group at the store, but bombs were falling from the sky and the survivors heaed towards the top of the store wearing gas masks and eight layers of cloths, they see a helicopter heading towards them and get in and are taken to canada where the chemicals are less present.


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