Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jorneshia Gonzalez

Nature on Display : This exhibit caught my attention because it looked so realistic, although most of the exhibits did also. This particular exhibit had human figures that were positioned and reminded me of the indigenous people I learned about in history. I learned that their customs were very unusual,compared to those today of indigenous people . My experience at the museum was great. I was in such awe to see the figures, painting, model environments and the sound effects that came with certain environments.
Nature and Ethics : As you can see in the pictures, I really did enjoy my time at the museum (especially the Butterfly Rain Forest) and I loved every bit of the museum. I was so astounded by all the different figures and environments that were displayed. When going through the museum, you are up-close and personal, given the opportunity to connect with the displayed environments. I went to the museum with my friends and we all were in shock about the various displayed figures and how diverse the entire museum was as a whole. My experience did instill Leopold perspective because I admire nature more due to the great detail and dedication put into the museum to give their visitors the best experience they can have. I was able to connect to the museum as a whole because it was so open, everything was not put into a glass box like other famous museums.
Nature and the Human Spirit : Visiting the museum gave me an experience I have never received before at a museum. Given the opportunity to visit the museum changed my thoughts on museums and on nature. The museum gave us environments with animals, plants and humans, allowing us to see how life was before all the technology.
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Jorneshia Gonzalez


Created with images by Magnus D - "Oxford University Museum of Natural History"

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