feminism The recreation of Evelyn Axell

Over the weekend I worked on my sketches. As I do projects for this class I usually throw something together and call it a day. For this project and the last one I have been critiquing and perfecting as much as possible. Lately I have been realizing the importance of art and I feel I am showing it throughout this project.

I have gotten a lot of feedback on my sketches that i finished last class. I have been told that they are good and very unique. I am glad to hear that because I never think my drawing are good. As I said before I have been really enjoying this project.

Last class I finished coloring the first sheep we had to do. I colored it the colors of the rainbow to make it very colorful. I have been enjoying this class a lot lately because it has been very chill and laid back.

I have finished coloring my cover using the 2 mediums of water color pencil and colored pencil. The name of my project is feminism and today i saw a fashion show in Dubai all over snapchat dedicated to feminism. I love how the world is catching up to accepting everyone and promoting equality

Last class I finished putting the covers on the poster board. Now I am working on my pages. This project has been really easy and enjoyable for me. A lot of people have been asking me for help lol.

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