The Travie Patty By Joe formicola

Joe Formicola I October 8th

Fast food in America is an ever changing competitive market, where everyday Americans can order burgers, tacos, and sandwiches, comfortably without leaving their car. Though the food is unhealthy, it is almost the only way to grab a hot meal in a matter of minutes. Recently Mcdonalds, the king of fast food restaurants, completed a partnership deal with the well-known Travis Scott. This deal came out on September 5th, featuring Travis Scott's go-to order. The combo includes: A traditional Quarter Pounder with bacon, fries, medium sprite, and tangy-barbecue sauce “for the fries”, Travis Scott says. How could this “new” meal create success for both Travis Scott and McDonalds? The answer comes from simple but effective advertising.

Travis Scott is huge on almost all big social media platforms, on instagram(32.8 million followers), Spotify/Apple music, and twitter. Travis Scott is also a big influence on rap culture, which seems to be Mcdonalds primary focus on the deal. Bringing the world of rap to McDonalds brings more customers. After the first couple of days the meal came out, it was making headlines and everyone knew about the new meal at Mcdonalds. Through advertising Mcdonalds and Travis Scott have created an influence/push for fans to go to mcdonalds and buy the new Travis Scott meal. Travis Scott telling his millions of fans, Mcdonalds advertisements, tiktok, all great advertisements to create demand for the new meal.

Created By
Joe Formicola