Atomic Age & Arms Race By: Miles Burnside


An arms race is a competition between nations for superiority in the development and accumulation of weapons. In 1949, The US figured out that The Soviet Union had made an exact replica of an atomic bomb that the US called Joe-1 with a yield of 22 kilotons of TNT. During the Cold War, an arms race was going on between The Soviet Union and The US. The U.S. has built a total of 70,000 nuclear weapons since 1945, and currently today in the US there are 9,600 ready for use, and in Russia there are 5,200 ready for use. Experts estimate that only eight nukes could destroy all life on Earth. After the Vietnam War, the Soviet Union had the largest peacetime military build-up ever. In 1952, the US invented the hydrogen bomb, and the Soviet union followed suit in 1953. During the Space Race, the military invented the ICBM or Intercontientary Ballistic Missile. The US made categories for nuclear missiles: Atlas, Titan, Jupiter, Thor, a short ranged nuclear bomb, and Polaris, a submarine launched missile.


Policies & Activism

One policy that America and Russia made was MAD or Mutual Assured Destruction, and it was if one side bombed the other the other could bomb back. America and Russia currently have open discussions about nuclear weapons unlike the former method of react and attack. During this time, the idea of Nuclear Winter was sharp in our minds. Nuclear Winter is NOT the solution to climate change; in fact it is when because of an airburst missile exploding it causes dust to blot out the sun like with the dinosaurs it would cause temperature to drop by 86F˚. Einstein said during the Cold War "World War 3 will be fought with weapons of mass destruction, and World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." This statement was a warning that we might destroy ourselves. Near the end of the Cold War, both sides signed a peace treaty limiting the amount of nuclear weapons and increasing their security. Then, the Soviet Union was bankrupted and the war was over. We started deconstructing our nuclear missile and bomb after this.


New Age

The Cold War was stressing for everyone. The Cold War gave the US the highway system for evacuation in case of a bombing run. During the Cold War, the physicist Enrico Fermi created the light water nuclear reactor.

The most common nuclear reactor, a light-water reactor


During the Cold War, they didn't have any information about radiation poisoning, fallout, and etc. Besides what they did in this video they also would stick their thumb out and close one eye. Then, if the blast was bigger than their thumb they ran.

This picture is of a boy following these safety rules



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