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Hi, I’m Robert your local Google representative.

Congratulations! You are taking the 1st step to become one of the few business owners who manage their Google Business listing.

Only 37% of business owners actually manage their Google Business listing.

Google is the most used search engine worldwide!

As of June 2019 Google has 88.05% of the global search market and that number rises every year.

Google Chrome browser is also the most used internet browser worldwide!

As of June 2019 Google Chrome browser has 58.53% of the global browser share market and that number rises every year.

Google is so synonymous with search that it has become a verb.

Google it!

Is the most common way to say "go online and search for something".

So what does this mean for your business?

Google search and especially Google Maps are the world's biggest business directory

If your business does not appear on Google it does not exist

Google is now your referral partner sending countless customers to your business!

But, if it is not setup correctly, you may be sending customers to your competitors!

We are a three part solution to completely configuring your business’s Google identity, converting Google searchers into actual customers.

Google Identity

Step 1

We make sure all the information on your account is correct and that your company can be found for all the services you provide. If your company does not have a Google business listing we will create one for you.

We make sure that you are the primary owner of your account and have access to it.

We provide you with a support session and teach you how to use all the free features that Google provides for your business.

Step 2

We provide visual content for your business in the form of traditional photography and a 360° interactive virtual tour on Google.

Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest. And among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to visit based on a tour.

Step 3

We increase your SEO organically by dramatically increasing your reviews on Google.

We provide you with our review link and QR code that reduces the time it takes to leave a review from a few minutes to 3-5 seconds.

The more reviews you have on Google the higher your SEO and business's ranking increases. It also raises your businesses placement in Google Search results. This is because Google wants to recommend businesses that they know are doing good business.

By completing all these steps we make sure your business is interesting, interactive and engaging.

Extra bonuses!
The traditional photography is provided to you in high-resolution and you have a license to use it for any marketing and promotions.
Your virtual tour is not just online on Google Search, Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth. You can also add it to your website, your company Facebook page, share it through social media, send it via email and text message.
All tours are VR ready and can be viewed in Virtual reality with a VR headset
Let's talk about R.O.I.

Return on Investment

Most configured businesses get an estimated 10 - 300 additional views per day.

That translates to 70 - 2,100 additional views per week!

3,640 - 109,200 additional views per year!

Average conversion rate for marketing and promotions is between 1% - 3%

That translates to 34 - 1,092 new clients per year based on a 1% conversion rate.

Starting from only $450, a one time fee!

How much is a client worth to you?

To schedule an appointment or a free consultation please contact Robert Martinez (305) 606-4311 or email photographyourbusiness@gmail.com


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