Lynxes By: Ivy Zheng

Lynx Food

Lynxes eat many kinds of different animals. This includes deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds. They may also actually eat pigs or goats.

Hunting Lynxes

Lynx kittens are hunted by wolves, owls and eagles. Humans are not allowed to hunt lynxes because the three kinds of lynxes are endangered. There are not many lynxes.

Lynxes Look

Lynxes fur can be either gray, yellow or red. Lynxes fur is very good camouflage. Their fur is often brown and reddish brown. They have many dark spots and stripes on its legs.

Where do they live?

Canada lynx ranges across Canada and Alaska. The Rare Iberian is found in Spain. The Siberian/Eurasian lynx ranges across Europe and Northern Asia.

Fun Facts

A lynxes large feet help them walk on snow. Most American lynxes live in Canada and Alaska. Lynxes are very shy they stay away from people.

Created By
Ivy Zheng


Created with images by skeeze - "lynx bobcat wildlife" • plastAnka - "Lynx Lynx" • Patrice_Audet - "lynx animal eyes" • FotoshopTofs - "lynx feline mammal" • lesmoxonphotography - "Lynx" • Marie Hale - "Northern lynx"

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