A Bit of Logic May 2017

A Note from Leadership

Design centers and design capabilities are an integral part of Interior Logic, but the people working within these facilities are much more important. Creating a beautiful design center requires significant time and vision but without the proper team in place the building is much like a sports car without an engine. Although we strive for perfection in all our locations this is a hard order to fill when you look at the complexities associated with the design process. We would like to acknowledge the entire design team for the great efforts they put forward every day and special recognition to the Taylor Morrison design team for exceeding 90% customer satisfaction in the most recent 30 day post close survey.

Well done Design Team!

Look out for a question at the bottom of this newsletter. (The answer is somewhere in this Newsletter edition). Find it, email your answer in to Brett (BrettWilson@interior-logic.com) and you will be entered in to Win a special prize!

Interior Logic Group Sister Company Feature of the month:

International Tile & Stone

30+ years ago Tile-It Industries started out as a residential flooring installation company in the state of Florida, with International Tile & Stone following suit shortly after as a statewide wholesale flooring distributor. Today they have a huge distribution warehouse, and in November of 2014, opened a beautiful showroom to the public. They assert, "Our focus on quality, value and great customer service is what make us the best," which has proven to be true because now they are the largest stocking designer showroom in their area. They specialize in flooring, kitchen and bath, counter top surfacing, sundries and interior design.

Tacos, Ice Cream, and cookies..not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

On Wednesday April 20th At the Phoenix Cotton Center Boulevard Interior Logic Building, there was quite a party going on. We had Modern Tortilla serving up delicious tacos, quesadillas, and chips with salsa, all on homemade tortillas. Then to follow it up we had The Hot Cookie Truck, dishing out an amazing combination of cookies and ice cream. Along with the weather being great it made for an awesome Wednesday afternoon.


  • 05/31/12 Glen Butler: 5 Years
  • 05/09/16 Colleen Campbell: 1 Year
  • 05/15/12 Stevie Choate: 5 Years
  • 05/16/16 Sam Cope: 1 Year
  • 05/31/16 Kim Jackson: 1 Year
  • 05/26/15 Megan Kouratou: 2 Years
  • 05/16/16 Courtnee Lopez: 1 Year
  • 05/14/12 Rachel Okamura: 5 Years
  • 05/04/15 Aimee Shah: 2 Years
  • 05/18/16 Barbie Shannon: 1 Year
  • 05/04/15 Lynnissa Taylor: 2 Years

New Hires

  • Shannon Bessey -Field Superintendent Prescott
  • Michelle Laney -Design Center Coordinator - Flagstaff
  • Miranda Ornelas -Receptionist
  • Deborah Parsons -Order Processor
  • Christina Ross -Order Processing Admin
  • Dominic Salcido -Customer Service Technician
  • Tommy Salcido -Customer Service Technician

By the Numbers

  • Total Employees - 1393
  • Arizona - 254
  • Colorado - 145
  • California - 303
  • Florida - 285
  • Georgia-10
  • New Mexico-3
  • Nevada - 294
  • Oregon-25
  • Texas-23
  • Washington Fabrication - 51

Open Positions

  • Field Superintendent - Brandon Hill
  • Customer Service Representative - Brandon Hill
  • Warranty Service/Field Tech - Mark Smith
  • Cabinet Superintendent - Prescott - Tim Blew
  • Designer - Tucson

Just Say Thanks

Thank you to Theresa Berte...

Just wanted to recognize this individual for her constant kindness & cheerfulness as I came on board with IL. She made me feel very welcome and is always willing to help with work related issues as well. Kudos to Theresa for being an amazing team player and co-worker😊😊-Denise Banke

Thank you to Tara Carrisoza...

I have to give Kudos to Tara for staying extra late last Saturday to finish quotes for me on an appt. that I had both Saturday and Sunday. She is amazing! -Traci Young

Want to "Just Say Thanks" to one of your co-workers? Send an email to Thanks@interior-logic.com telling us who/why you want to say thanks to.

Happy Birthday To...

  • Miranda Ornelas
  • Steve Hollenbeck
  • Chantelle Planque
  • Seth Green
  • Brent Kline
  • Glen Butler
  • Cathy McKinney
  • Deborah Parsons
  • Don Burdick
  • Kim Jackson
  • Lucas Shinn
  • Cathleen Henderson
  • David Wells
  • Bailey Reid
  • Nicci Irvin
  • Megan Kouratou

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Below is a Ted Talk video about how to refresh you mind every day, by simply experiencing and being a part of the present moment.

Important Days and Events In the Month of May

May 4 Manhattan Island is sold! Indians agree to the deal in exchange for $24 in cloth & buttons (1626)

May 5 Alan Shepard rides "Freedom 7" to becomes 1st American in space. (1961)

May 8 V-E Day, Germany signs unconditional surrender. (1945)

May 9 The syrup for Coca Cola is invented by Atlanta Pharmacist John Styth Permerton. (1886)

May 14 The last episode of Seinfeld is aired. It's a sad day in May for millions of Seinfeld followers. (1998)

May 25 The movie blockbuster "Star Wars" is released. (1978)

Happy Mother's Day

If you would like you can save this picture on your computer and open it up in paint to play the word search game! Happy Mother's Day!

Question of the Month

In what month did International Tile and Stone open up their showroom to the public? (email your answer to Brett at BrettWilson@interior-logic.com, with Question of the month in the subject line to win a prize)

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