A Mindful Cup of Tea A 5-step visual meditation guide

Welcome to the Mindful Tea Drinking Meditation Guide. In the next few minutes, you will guide yourself through a simple meditation with your tea bag created at the Mindful Tea Bar event. Didn't get a chance to make a custom tea bag? Any tea of your choice will be just fine to follow along. Let's start our mindfulness journey...

Take some time right now to put away or turn off all distractions, especially any electronics. Go to a quiet place where there will be minimal to no distractions.

Brew your tea but do not drink yet. Notice how the water slowly changes from clear to colored. Smell the rising aroma from the cup. Take deep breaths, inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and recognize that this is a precious break in your busy day. Reconnect and head to your meditative space.

See the soil, rain, and sun that went into creating your drink. Think about the women and men whose hands harvested, prepared, packaged, shipped, and sold the tea to where the tea is now. Appreciate and express gratitude to those men and women and give thanks that you can take a break to enjoy this tea in this moment.

Take and enjoy the first few sips. By now, the tea should still be hot but not burning. Feel the warmth emanating from the cup and in your hands. Bring the cup to your lips, inhale, exhale, and sip slowly and deliberately.

As you sip, turn into your meditative state and recognize that your stress, happiness, and unhappiness are created by your opinions and attitude. Your state of mind affects how others feel around you. Let go of those opinions and attitudes. Feel your stress melt away with every mindful sip. Keep your eyes closed if it helps. Continue your deep breathing.

Fully relax into your chair or couch. Continue to be silent. If any thoughts arise, let them pass away. Stay present. You may find that your mind is more creative. You may see more possibilities you were not able to see before in various situations.

Recognize that this moment is important and that it is a productive use of your time. Step outside the daily bustle of your life in these brief moments. Continue your deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling. Keep your eyes closed if you wish.

As you finish your tea, open your eyes. Take another deep breath. Give thanks and appreciation to this moment. You may want to journal your thoughts and how you felt if you have a mindfulness journal nearby.

Now you can return to your day, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to practice again anytime you wish.

Did you enjoy this content? If you have any questions, please contact Registered Dietitian, Kristen Siu, MS, RDN at kristen.siu@adobe.com.