Charles-Émile Reynaud The person who created thing called animation

Charles-Émile Reynaud was born on December 8, 1844, and raised in Montreuil, France.

Montreuil, France.

Charles-Émile Reynaud married Margueritte and had two sons, Paul Reynaud and Andre Reynaud.

Paul Reynaud
Andre Reynaud

Charles-Émile Rynaud had a good education as a child, because at fourteen, Émile was already knowledgeable in literary and scientific matters, the he was apprenticed to a precision engineer in Paris, and later studied with the sculptor-photographer Adam Salomon.

School Objects

Charles-Émile Reynaud's career wasn't really a success because Reynaud's late yearswere tragic because after 1910 when, his creations outmoded by the Cinematograph, dejected and penniless, he threw the greater part of his irreplaceable work and unique equipment into the Seine. A seine is a river.

The river where Reynaud threw his stuff away

Charles-Émile Reynoud only invented one thing, which is the Théâtre Optique. Is like 2 round circles with other circle in the outside that base opening to put pieces of paper with pictures on it, and then the middle circle has mirrors on it, so when you spin the outer circle, it makes like a stop-motion animation, without the stopping part.

The Théâtre Optique

The Red Raven Magic Mirror made an improvement to the Théâtre Optique. It's pretty much the same, except bigger and has different controls.

The Improved Version of the Théâtre Optique

Animation in the past took many people to make like a movie, but today, it can only take one person for the animation. It's also much clearer and NOT make of paper.

One person can make this with the technology we have today

The field of engineering that animation would fall under is Computer Science

This is pretty much what the planet is made of

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