Japan by Tee

Comparing Sword Fighting in Japan with Ice Hockey

Sword Fight vs Hockey

Sword fighting is about to protect ourselves but hockey is a sport to play but the same is they both get hurt and sword fighting is to protect ourselves or others many people die because of fighting. Before they know how use a sword they have to train first. They have to train a lot so that they can fight with other people. It is the same as hockey because before you can race with other team they have to know how to skate. But hockey is not about fighting its about racing but sword fighting is more serious than hockey because sword fighting is for protecting ourselves and sword fighting have more than 100 rules but hockey they just have have 20 rules but they both have rules.

Fishing in Japan - Description

Giant Tuna fish in a fish market in Japan

There is a lot of fishing in Japan because people eat a lot of fish. A long time ago Japan, people ate fish it as a basic food for Japanese people. Japan’s seas are clean so there are many fish. You can catch a lot of fish.Japanese people get fish easily. They mostly catch 1 fish that is big.

Sumo Wrestling and Hockey - Cause and Effect

Sumo Wrestling vs Hockey

After the hockey and sumo wrestling match. The players get hurt. Hockey players get more hurt than sumo wrestling players.Sometimes hockey players have a hockey stick and it is dangerous. Sumo Wrestlers get hurt by getting slammed. Sometime where they wrestle there are rocks so when they get slammed it will hurt. Sometime hockey players and sumo wrestlers don’t get hurt at all.


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