Tour of the Harn Halie Adrid

Medium of the Art

Audrey Flack, Islandia

An artwork I saw that helped me understand better in person is this 3-D statue of a water goddess. Inherently, seeing a three dimensional object in person makes for a different experience than seeing just a picture. I like the gold of the statue's wings, and the gold of its robe. I can tell that it is intended to be a healing goddess because of its light colors. It communicated protection and a sense of majesty. It was, simply, majestic. It made me feel majestic.

Design of the Museum

The design of the museum was an interesting one. I got lost. Often. Actually, I found the most appealing part of the museum to be the one right in the front. I like the open layout- how spacious it is. I like the color white, and the art was on white pedestals and the walls were white. I also enjoyed the birch wood floors and how bright the exhibit was. The exhibit makes me feel clean. I like it.

Art and Core Values

This art in the Harn was the one that made me feel emotions. Though this painting is part of a series, the painting made me feel more than the series did. The spatters look like blood, but are just red paint. It makes me think of death, and the end of life. It helps me cherish the ones I love in my life, and saddens me when I think of losing them. The white background reminds me that the circumstance can happen to anyone, even if they are happy.

Art and the Good Life

This (massive) work of art in the Harn conveys the Sharing the Good Life theme. There are so many different fabrics and cloths that represent a tribal past. Each had to give to create this art, much like the Community Murals reading. It adds to my understanding of sharing because the art is better together, as one, rather than separate.

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