Taylor Vella's Internship  St. mary magdalene catholic church

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church

Saint Mary Magdaline is a Catholic Church in The Diocese of Raleigh. They are church, school, and community which means they also have a youth program. The youth program is where I specialized my internship. 

What did I gain from this experience?

from this experience I was able to apply my knowledge and love for digital media into the real world around me. I was able to work with professionals in their career and learn about what they do everyday. I especially learned hoe to budget, work around many opinions, and how to manage time.

Liz Sams&Janine McGann

A picture I took on a retreat while they pushed through unexpected rain. These two woman put everyone above themselves form their own kids to 100 other peoples kids.


Video, Take photos, Organize plans, Lead group

Relation to in class

In class we have deadlines unlike my internship where i had to manage my own time and get projects done by the time they needed them done.

Future Plans

This helped me narrow down my future plans I want to be an Industrial Design Engineer

Best Thing That Happened

The best thing that happened to me was working with the kids and taking pictures and making them into videos. It was so much fun and I will continue to do it after this intern experience.


Some challenges I faced were time management and equipment.

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