Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC) Psychology Department, The University of Arizona

BHC Photo Tour

The photo above shows the outside of the Psychology Building. The clinic is on the ground floor of the Psychology Building on our main campus, with ADA-compliant access. Please note, we are not professional photographers, but we can tell you that our clinic has a warm and inviting décor and spatial arrangement, which may or may not be captured well in these photos.

We have a parking spot located behind the Psychology building, for use by clients. Additional parking is available. See below for more information.

Parking behind the Psychology Building

  • We have one parking spot designated for the BHC for use by reservation only. If you require accessible parking, please let your clinician know and they will reserve a spot for use during your appointment.
  • To get to the spot, head south on Cherry Ave., make a right-hand turn onto University Blvd. Head west on University and you will see sage-colored road barriers. Just before this, turn right into a parking lot. The parking spot will be on your left hand side.
  • Please be sure to only park in the spot designated for the Behavioral Health Clinic. Parking in other spaces reserved for other clinics or research labs may result in fines or penalties from UArizona Parking & Transportation.

Additional Parking Options

There are many parking options around the UArizona campus that vary in cost, however, (most) parking is $2/hour. Below we shared some of our parking recommendations* along with the estimated walking distance from our building.

*For the most current parking options, please view the parking maps linked below. Please note, the BHC does not validate or reimburse for parking.

  • Lot #4063: Passport/Misc. 840 N Cherry Ave., 1 min
  • Lot #6093: 750 N Cherry Ave., 2 min
  • Parking Meters, Hawthorne St. @ Cherry Ave., 3 min
  • Second St. Garage, 1340 E. 2nd St., 4 min
  • Parking Meters, Cherry Ave. @ 4th St., 4 min
  • Cherry Ave. Garage, 1641 E. Enke Dr., 5 min.
If entering through the front of the Psychology Building, you will see the door to the clinic to the left of the elevator. This creates a separate space from the rest of the activities of the building.
(Left) Upon entering the clinic, you are greeted through the window to our administrative assistant’s office, Susan Boulio. (Right) Looking back at the same window, you will see on the wall the faces of the faculty, graduate students, and staff who work in the clinic.
Continuing forward, is a partially private waiting area where you can get water and wait for your therapist.
This is the view from sitting in the waiting area.
The BHC houses two therapy rooms and an assessment room. Therapy Room A is the smaller room, comfortably seating two people and a white board for illustrating therapeutic interventions.
This is a view from inside Therapy Room A.
The second therapy room is much larger, although difficult to capture in a photo. It comfortably seats four.
Another view from inside the second therapy room.
Our assessment room can be used for therapy as well, but is set up a bit differently with a table.
From inside the Assessment Room, you can see that it also houses our printer, scanner, and a computer.