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Hi, my name is Lucky and I am a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix (we think!) being fostered with Hope Animal Rescue and looking for my forever home. I’m 8 years old, but have a young soul… You’re only as old as you feel, amiright? And since Hope has rescued me, I am feelin’ great and LOVIN’ LIFE!

Today my foster mom has off and is going to take me on an adventure! Woof-woooooof! I love spending time with my foster parents and usually follow them around the house whenever they are home, just looking for some pets or snuggles. I wonder what kinds of fun we will have out together…

Here I am in the car. I LOVE CAR RIDES! I could spend all day cruising around town.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Look where we ended up… one of my favorite places, Shelley Lake! This trail is 2.5 miles of pure sniffs… I mean, bliss!

The speed limit is only 10 mph, so I better slow down!

Here I am meditating and building my Chi energy. Get it? Chi…I’m part chihuahua :P

And what would be a lake visit without rolling around in the grass?

I’m doing such a good job walking right next to my foster mom, that she gives me some treats! Yummy! I love all kinds of treats.

And let’s just pause a moment and talk about how handsome I am…

What a great trip to the lake! Look at that view! I got some good exercise and also relaxing time in. Now it’s time for part 2 of our adventure…

Hey, this place is familiar! It’s Phydeaux, one of Hope Animal Rescue’s partner stores. I was here for an adoption event a few weeks ago!
There are so many great toys and treats to sniff! I hope my foster mom gets me something… I’ve been such a good boy today.

Back in the car! Here I am relaxing with… MY NEW ROPE BALL from Phydeaux!

Woof! I’m pretty wiped out. Time to take a nap in my bed while my mom goes out to do some yard work.

When mom comes back, she finds me napping with dad. I'm not supposed to be allowed in bed, but dad can't help it because I'm oh-so cuddly!

Before you know it, it's time to eat dinner! This is pretty much the best part of every day. Here I am waiting patiently with my foster sister, Junebug. She wants adopted from Hope Animal Rescue 2 years ago.

Now that I've refueled, it's time to play with my new ball!

My mom says that since I rolled around in the grass so much at the lake, I need to get a bath! Yeah, I didn't quite think that one through... But now I smell like sandalwood spice, so it's all good!

Well, the day is almost over! I'm going to curl up in my bed (don't I have a lot of beds?!) for a little bit, while my foster mom and dad watch tv. Once my mom says it's time for bed, I'll hop out and go right into my crate, where I sleep quietly all night

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and my adventure today! If you'd like a happy-go-Lucky, furry companion, submit an application to adopt me at Good night!


Photos by Alyssa Stepien

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