Problems with our Education System Exposed through modern day political cartoons

Problem #1: Failure to adapt to creativity and difference results in grouping

In our system today there are very little areas where students can express their unique abilities. Instead the system we have today is so focused on having the "numbers" look good that they program children like robots. Instead of learning in unique and creative ways, students are programmed by administrators and teachers only to the extent that they will pass the tests and graduate. Also, the tests that are being administrated are not great representations of a students ability because each student learns differently and at different paces. One students strength could be another students weakness. Schools lack the ability to allow students to discover themselves and their abilities. This is an issue because how will students know where their strengths and weaknesses are, and where they are most passionate. Education administrators also tend to use teachers as scapegoats when students do not "perform." instead they should learn that a kids life outside of school influences the person they are and how they will then "perform" in school. Not one student is the same and the education system needs to embrace that fact rather than let it ruin kids education.

In the first cartoon students are symbolized here as robots, while the education system is symbolized as a machine that is creating these robots and eliminating creativity, discipline, and intelligence. The second cartoon shows administrators asking a teacher what they are doing wrong. When the root of the problem doesn't really lie with the teacher but with the students backgrounds and lives outside of school. In the third cartoon a teacher sits before different animals that symbolize students and how each student is very different. The teacher states that they all must complete the same test for it to be a "fair" representation of their intelligence.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

Problem #2: Standardized Tests

The system is more focused on teaching kids to memorize answers than teaching them how to solve problems.

Teachers today feel an enormous amount of pressure to make qualifications that are set very high by education administrations. This enormous amount of pressure on their shoulders corners teachers into not really teaching. Teachers these days seem more focused on making sure students will perform on standardized tests than actually making sure they understand what they are learning about. Our education system instead tells us that if a student passes a test the teacher taught them everything they needed to know. This is very false because kids are not learning the material at a level that they will comprehend the information and have a deep understanding of it. Often times kids will just memorize the material that they know will be on the test and forget about it in a week. This is not learning!

Problem #3: Distractions

Technology has it's downfalls too

Although we see technology, sports, and other leisure activities as positive things in our life, we must also notice that they may have negative impacts too. In our society today all kids think about is technology and sports. In the U.S. kids are so focused on playing sports and getting sports scholarships that they miss the real importance of school. Kids are more worried about making their sports teams or getting to practice on time. These kids just want to play in college and be successful when in reality they are destroying their education. Technology is at our fingertips everywhere we go. Technology for sure has allowed for many improvements inside and outside of school, yet students don't take their eyes if their phones enough to take a minute to learn something new. We need to give sports and technology less importance in our daily schedules if we want to educate ourselves.

Problem #4: Poverty

Poverty gets in the way of students learning!!

Poverty has become a major obstacle for the education system. Poverty negatively impacts all students whether its the students families that are experiencing poverty or the district. Families living with a lower income have a difficult time balancing school with the pressures of poverty. Students may have to take on a job even at a young age and may eventually feel discouraged that they are not doing well in school and decide to dropout. Districts that do not receive a good chunk of income from the government have a hard time finding money for new technologies and simple improvements that could be made to their schools. This will all have a negative impact on the students as they are being shielded from reaching more opportunities. If the government was able to add more financial aid to students and school districts maybe their would be more success.


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