Skylar G. What causes a volcano to be a natural disaster

What makes a volcano natural?

When the plates are moving we can't feel them. But, sometimes the two plates bump into each other and cause one of the plates to be pushed down below the crust into the mantle. When this happens magma comes out to the crust and burst! This is called an eruption. When the magma comes out of the crust it is called lava! A eruption may also happen when two plates move away from each other. Making a space for magma to come out to the surface.

What makes a volcano a disaster?

It makes it an disaster when the lava and steam, ash and gases come down a mountain. Mostly all the time when the lava and everything comes down it will kill people and gases and ashes will hurt them badly. The same for animals to. Volcanoes are very deadly and only so many people survive one.


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