My Top 3 Pick On gaming desktops

Hey you yea you did one of your kids nieces or nephews ask for a gaming pc Well welcome to my review of not 1 not 2 but 3 different gaming desktops from the Alienware Aurora too the Falcon northwest talon and Acer Predator

Acer Predator

I will be covering their graphics cards processing speeds size and other various features of these wonderful products

So here are my top 3 Gaming Desktops now let’s go!

Well let me start off with the Alienware Aurora I like it because it can hold up to 2 graphics cards also with it's small shape it can go basically anywhere you want like in your desk drawer or just on the floor. Now with the falcon northwest talon its processing speed is 4.2 GHz which is not the best but it still beats most at processing speed. Also it has a storage capacity of 4512 GB.

Alienware Aurora

And finally with the Acer Predator can hold only 1 graphics card like the Falcon but like the Alienware it's small so it can also fit basically anywhere. And finally with a processor speed of 3.4 GHz which is the worst on my list but compared to non gaming it's pretty good!


Now let's start with the Alienware aurora! As you could probably guess the size of it is pretty small but it's a tower of power, because it is small I think it's good because it takes up little to no space near you it could go on the side or on the desk or even in a drawer next to it.

Falcon Northwest Talon

Next up we have the Falcon Northwest Talon for a desktop it's pretty bulk but you can still have it fit in different places like standing up on the floor or flat on a table even though it's not small it's still a good desktop

Now like the alienware the acer predator is also small for it's size it's not as good as the aurora but it's not a bad computer for what it is because it's small it can fit anywhere but unlike the alienware it it slanted a bit like this < not all the way though so it can fit in triangular places giving more variety of space saving.

Now here are the prices for each one

Alienware Aurora:$2279

Acer Predator:$8999

Falcon Northwest Talon:$2895

Hopefully I helped you out and that you can make the right choice for a gift or for your own personal use. Well Thanks for reading!

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