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Meet Chris: Founder and Owner of Canmore Raft Tours

Sit back, relax, and float down the always-impressive Bow River as you take in the unscripted beauty of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. This is the picture that Chris of Canmore Raft Tours aims to give all his guests that come through for a rafting adventure.

“Life is like a network of trains, you just got to keep jumping between railway cars until you find the one you’re meant to stay aboard.”

This is the mantra that has guided Chris on the journey through his life so far, and it’s lead him on some pretty neat adventures.

Canmore Raft Tours Offers 1 & 2-hour Interpretive Floats Down the Beautiful Bow River.

Always knowing he wanted to pursue a life in the outdoors he began his career as a park warden in Ontario. Afterward, he moved on to work with various campgrounds and a rafting company in Alberta and eventually landed an exciting venture with the British Military as an ‘Adventure Training Instructor.’ Still, Alberta continued to call him back and it wasn’t until one day that he was simply sitting by the river that he decided to make Canmore Raft Tours come to life.

A float tour is a relaxing way to learn about the Bow Valley, and maybe even Spot some wildlife.

At an affordable price point, the team at Canmore Raft Tours aims to give guests a one-of-a-kind experience that is unique to the landscape and tells an unbeatable story about the locale.

Chris - a passionate advocate for the beautiful area of Canmore - through his company, aims to contribute to your experience in the heart of the Rockies in a positive and enlightening way. For him, he’s sharing his every day; knowing that he can make your trip more special and introduce people to a local’s view of the area, is what he truly loves about his company.

Join Chris and the Canmore Raft Tours Team on the Bow River to see a different side of Canmore.
“It’s been about 3 years now and I haven’t hopped off this railway car - I feel like I am in the place where I am meant to be,” laughs Chris.

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