A timeline of Friedrich a Jewish boy. A book by Hans Peter Richter

I have much respect for the Jewish kind and the German's willing to help them, This timeline is meant to educate not discriminate.

1929: Friedrich is a young boy who lives in germany around the time before the holocaust he and his parents live in an apartment above his best friend Peter.

1930: Friday evening, Peter is over at Friedrich's house, Friedrich's parents are setting up for the sabathe. This is a strange and new experience for Peter. Friedrich's parents have more money than Peter's parents.

1933: The jungvolk, Peter is apart of a club dedicated to Hitler. Peter brings Friedrich unknowing that his kind is forbidden there. After the group swears to hate jews friedrich runs for his life followed by Peter.

1936: Reasons, Peter's dad is waiting at the door of his apartment for Herr Schneider (Friedrichs dad) so he may talk to him about The hatred for his kind, When Herr Schneider comes they conversate about him leaving the country, but Herr refuses he states the hatred for his kind is just ending.

1938: The Encounter, Friedrich and Peter have been separated into different schools, Friedrich into a school for the Jewish, and Peter into a normal school for Germans. The two friends schools lay side by side, outside the school both classes are doing running. Peter's gym coach was in WW1 and has much hatred for the Jewish kind and stared yelling racist comments.

1938: The Death, Friedrichs mom had had a heart attack in the middle of the night, struggling to stay alive Herr Schneider called the doctor who gave medication, but it was too late Frau Schneider was lying dead on the floor

1941: The Rabbi, Friedrich's house lying in shambles held only but three men Friedrich, his Dad and a runaway rabbi. The Rabbi came to live there because he was wanted just for practicing Judaism. But in time the authorities discover him and take him away along with Friedrich's.

1942: The End, Friedrich now wanders the streets looking for food, Bombings are coming nearer and he has no place to hide, Peter and his family are heading to a bomb shelter. When inside they hear knocking on the outside, it is Friedrich but since he is Jewish they commander will not let him in. Friedrich is left outside to die of a shock from a bomb. They wouldn't let him in because he was a Jew.


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