ASHOKA BY : Jose Banuelos

- Ashoka was the leader from the Mauryan empire in ancient India.

-He is the grandson of Chandgrupta Mauyra. Although unlike his grandfather who battled great enemies like the great Nanda King, emperor Ashoka spent his time battling his own family members for the thrown.

-He was born of a lower class mother of bindusara and a great prince as a father, he had possibly over 99 brothers to compete with for thrown. He didn't have the best relationship with his father.

- Ashoka is the great emperor of a thriving empire.

-Ashoka believes in the religion of Buddhism and maintains his empire in this belief

- He had a successful conquest of Calinga on the east coast

- He had to kill some of his brothers in order to become the next heir and take over the throne , his father thought he was not fit for the job.

-Ashoka ruled for 33 years

Ashoka built roads and inns and encouraged the idea of having trade.

-Encouraged the spread of Buddhism to Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

- Built pillars with inscriptions to explain law and history.

-Ashoka’s rule lasted for 40 years. The first 10 years were that of violence and the next 30 years were of peace. During these 30 years, the Maurya Kingdom did not face any kind of external invasion because Samrat Ashoka maintained very high diplomatic relations with the neighboring kingdoms.

Ashoka Map while he ruled , his empire!

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