Aron Morales Journey to America

Aron Is 31 Years Old And he is also my uncle He been in the united states for 12 years. He Migrated over here for a better Opportunities and also to see his mother and his family.

He Crossed threw el rio Grande the first time and he end up getting Caught. The first time he crossed his said it was very hard for him cause he was really Scared. He was only 15 at that time when he got caught. The Second time he crossed was when he was 19 And he actually made it.

When My uncle got to the untied states he didn't have a penny on him. He Got a job as working as a construction worker working For a white Guy. He Said the guy treated him bad. That he didn't pay enough money to get threw the week. He said he lived with a group of Mexicans in one house sharing everything with them.

He misses his ranch in mexico waking up feeding his animals and his friends he left behind. He also told he misses The food of his gf he left over their. He told me he enjoys being over here cause of the opportunities he has over here and the better life styles.

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