Coach V's Cottage By Diego decafmeyer

This project was mainly about designing in more depth a house for Coach Vreugdenhil. To start of with, we had to make the blue prints of the house which were Bird Eye View, Side view and front view. The blue prints are down below.

Next we had to make the actual cottages on TinkerCad, Tinker Cad is a site where you can make designs of mainly anything you want. We also had to include the windows and everything. A few examples of my cottage are down below.

Next I had to make the area calculations of the rooms and the overall. Then after that I calculated how many pots of paints and how much will it cost to paint the whole outside of the house. Finally, I had to find the price for the heating during the 3 months of winter. Then lastly I figured out how many bundle we would need for the roof and obviously how much it would cost. Below are my calculations of all of that.

There was a little mistake in the heating calculation part as I didn't insert the correct unit and in general, the incorrect volume. The actual volume would be 240 cubic meters. Which changes the calculation too, the actual calculation would be 240 x 1.5 x 3 which the answer is 1080. So that would make the price for it to 1080 euros. The heating calculation being a mistake in the example, makes the total money a mistake too, so the overall money it would have costed for everything is 1700 euros.

With all of this done, I completed a pretty decent design for maybe an inspiration of a new house for unforgettable memories, who knows? :)

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