Nutrition Education creating better eating and cooking habits

Medical students participating in a Cooking Matters class led by Karla Shelnutt. This cooking class is a curriculum that is often used in SNAP-Education.
The purpose of this class is to teach students proper eating and cooking habits. This is only one of two projects Shelnutt is apart of.
Within this project medical students are learning how to read recipes, cut vegtables, and measure ingredients properly.
Shelnutt teaches these students about the land grant university mission and SNAP-Education here at the University of Florida.
Shelnutt hopes these students will keep this knowledge in mind in the future, so they can recommend their patients to Extension resources.
Shelnutt is also apart of a project that creates mealkits for low-income families here in Gainesville, Fl. Shelnutt and IFAS have partnered with Eastside High School's Institute of Culinary Arts.
The high school students put together these meal kits by measuring ingredients, putting ingredients into cups and weighing out meats and produce.
Story and Photography by Skyler Brown-Smith

Skyler Brown-Smith is an Undergraduate student working towards a degree in Agricultural Education and Communication. For more information about these projects, please email Skyler at skyler07@ufl.edu.


Media provided by Skyler Brown-Smith 

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