Florida Museum of Natural History Luke pfeiffer


I recently went to the Florida Museum of Natural History and, as an assignment for Good Life, am creating this spark story. The experience was extremely nice and I can say of all the common activities this was my favorite.

Nature on Display

The Good ole' Museum

This exhibit is so beautiful. Walking around this exhibit was so awesome. Hearing the little river and small water falls flowing was so peaceful. The small birds flying around and small fish in the rivers were so adorable. And not to mention the butterflies fluttering around and perching on flowers everywhere. Although I consider myself an outdoors loving person, I have never really been in a "natural" environment. It gave me a huge appreciation for the environment that we are lucky enough to share on this planet. My most enjoyable part of the exhibit was definitely the miniature rain forest section.

Nature and Ethics

Saving the insects

This exhibit definitely gave me a chance to be one with nature rather than a conqueror of nature. As I walked through the exhibit, I felt at complete peace. Like I said above all of the elements of it made me feel like a part of the ecosystem. Everyone around me was also in awe. Little kids running around looking at butterflies and fish, older people admiring the environment, and people in the Good Life class also absorbing the environment. The museum allowed the visitors to better connect because not only was there a very up close and personal nature exhibit, there was also a bunch of informational articles about the importance of conserving the environment. I would have to say the visit was a little short to fully gain Leopold's vision, it has made me much more curious about the natural world.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I can say that I am a computer engineer. As such, I speed much of my time indoors on my computer writing programs. This common activity was very much so outside of the norm of my daily activities. The "outdoor" portion helped me have a much greater appreciation for the natural world. Seeing the fossils of long extinct beasts was humbling because in the grand scheme of things, humans are just a blip in time and before us roamed massive creatures. It was humbling. I feel like I found a piece of myself that I had been forgetting in recent times. The world is a magical and mysterious place and I can say that I am blessed to be a part of it.

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