My Hero

My hero is my dad . The reason he is my hero is because he helps me out in school , he lets me play video games , and he is a lot of fun . He helps me out in school by checking my grades everyday to keep me in check , and he also tells me techniques in math to help me out.My dad is also my hero because he helps me not get overly bored . When i'm bored my dad lets me do whatever i want , including play video games. The best thing about my dad is that he is a lot of fun , he always takes me to the movies and we have fun together.

My Future Goals

My future goal is to go to a good college , get a masters degree, and graduate. Once I graduate I want to be a doctor and gain a lot of money . Once I have a lot of money I will buy a house and buy the things I've always wanted. Once i'll retire I will relax for the rest of my life. Those are my future goals.


One of my hobbies is to play video games mostly for entertainment. Sometimes I play video games when I invite my friends to my house. I play a bunch of first person shooters , including Call of Duty.

Something i'm Proud Of

I'm proud of the trophy I won in 5th grade. Me and my team won first place in the championship for soccer . My trophy is located on the top of my drawer . Although it is plastic, i'm extremely proud of it.

My Favorite Food

My favorite food is this Vietnamese soup called (in English) spicy beef noodle. It has very soft noodles and you eat it with onions, and it has all sorts of beefs. When I come to home from school everyday I eat this and never get sick.


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