Goals Matthew delgado

A short term goal of mine is to raise my GPA high enough to graduate in the top 10% of my class on June 12th.

S: Reach top 10% by June 12th.

M: Check my GPA throughout the final part of the year to see where I stand.

A: I can attain it by getting A+ in all my classes this semester.

R: Work hard in my classes and look for extra credit opportunities.

T: I must do it before I graduate on June 12th.

Another short term goal of mine is to receive enough scholarship money to be able to go to UT Austin.

S: $106,504

M: Track how much money I've received in award letters.

A: Apply to as many as possible to increase my chances.

R: There is billions of dollars in scholarship money.

T: I need to make my decision of where I am going to go before I graduate.

A long term goal of mine is to buy a Hyundai Genesis coupe 2016 before I graduate from college.

S: Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2016.

M: I can track how much money I have saved.

A: I can finance it to make small payments every month so I can get it sooner.

R: If I get a full ride scholarship to college I can put all my money I make to this goal.

T: I have about 5 years to save up the amount of money I need.

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