Tour of the Harn By Jacob lensch

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: This piece is called "Northeast Gorge at Appledore", painted by Childe Hassam in 1912. Hassam used oil and canvas to recreate a landscape with his own impressionistic style. He also uses impasto techniques to create texture and emphasis. Initially, the earthy colors caught my attention, but the person climbing out of the water inspired me to read the narrative. The artist's style draws similarities to Monet and Van Gogh.
Design of the Museum: The Harn Museum of Art has an open architectural design, seamlessly flowing from one collection to another. The collections categorized by country of origin, time period, and medium. Each room is designed to manifest a deeper meaning from the art on display. For example, the sculpture room is made entirely from high quality wood and features a garden separated by a wall of windows that feed natural light to the room. The broader message that I took away by this design was the dichotomy between human manipulation of space and nature.
Art and Core Values: This graphic artwork was done by the Guerilla Girls, an anonymous group of woman artists campaigning for gender equality in the art profession. In particular, this piece points out that less than 4% of artists display in major museums are women, yet a majority of nudes are of women. This relates to good life themes of equality and social justice.
Art and the Good Life: Here was another case of social injustice that I encountered on my self-guided tour. I was wandering through the modern art section when I came across depictions of the working class and the poor. Here, the artist depicts two African American workers in a lumberyard. The artists emphasizes the social inequality from the time period using simple geometric shapes and solid colors. The resulting effect that it had on me was that I saw African Americans stuck in mindless labor with no mobility.

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