Miracle on Ice By: connor teeter

Brief Paraphrase

As a team they are supposed to be there. They were born to be hockey players. This is their destiny. They are playing a team that is better than them on paper but doesn't have as much heart as team USA. They might not win all the games against them but they can win the game they are playing now.


Herb brooks was an ice hockey player and coach. He was the coach of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Under his coaching they won the gold medal.


The purpose of the speech was to get his player fired up for one of the most important of their hockey careers.

Intended audience

The intended audience of the speech were the players on the Gold winning US Olympic ice hockey team.

Rhetorical appeal

All three rhetorical appeals are present in the speech. They are pathos, ethos, and logos. An example of pathos is how herb brooks appeals to the audience because he makes us want the team to win. An example of logos is when he says that they may loose 9-10 times but says that they will win the big game. He affectively uses ethos also because he makes the reader feel apart of the cause even if they aren't hockey players.

Effective appeal

The appeal he uses most is pathos. It is very effective because he sucks the reader in and it's almost as if you can feel the atmosphere.

Missing appeal

He did not miss an appeal, though he could've made logos more prevelant. Although it wasn't as prevelant, the speech was still a successful speech.

Word choice

The phrases he uses in the second paragraph like, "You were born to be hockey players--every one of you, and you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done" (brooks). It stands out because it shows pathos and how they were destined to be there.

Other influences

He repeats the concept of how it is their time to be world champs and it shows the players and the readers that they deserve to win.


I don't think that brooks could've done much more to make it better. If he was to do one thing, he should've talked about the hardships to make the readers more wanting of the the team to win.

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