Mindful Mentor By Zoe Eckhoff

There are many many ways to relax this app gives you many ways to calm the mind and to help reduce stress.

Here I will put a video to a calm mindfulness music video lie down with your hands beside you and close your eyes.While listening to the music breath in and count to 5 then breath out and count to 5.Do this for as long as you would like.

You're not the only one whose happy 😊

It only takes one person to make the word happier!

Other recommend adobe spark pages.

Here I will show you a 5 step guide to relax.

1•Now I will explain the start of our session.You need to be lying down with your hands by your side.You can sit on a seat too but your back needs to be straight and your hands on your lap.Most importantly make sure you're comfortable.Breath in and count to five and breath out and count to five.Keep focusing on your breathing and if your mind wanders don't worry it's normal just refocus on breathing.Repeat this until the end of the session.

2• Pretend your floating down a peaceful river.It's silent and lily pads surround you.Where did you come from? Where are you?How did you get there? Remember to keep breathing.

(Wait 1 minute)

3• Now focus on NOTHING and really relax.I believe that focusing on nothing and just breathing is the real way to relax. Keep beating until I say stop.

(Wait 1 minute)

4•Try to make most things silent but don't go round shushing your entire neighbourhood just try to make it as quit as possible.Then focus on the sound furthest away from you try not to let your mind wander. (Wait 30 sec) Now focus on the sound closest to you. (Wait 30 sec)

5•We will now have a silent minute of just breathing.Do 10 breaths in and count to 5 then out and count to 5.

(Wait for 10 breaths)

There you have it ,I hope you are relaxed and ready to take anything on.I hope you enjoyed this 5 step guide.

Stress ball:Here I will show you how to make a stress ball!

Materials:A balloon, flour and a funnel.

Step 1:Get the funnel and make it so the tip of the funnel is in the open part of the balloon.

Step 2:Pour some flour in the funnel and you might have to shake it to make it go in the balloon. Put in little bits of flour at a time until a quarter of the balloon is left.

Step 3:Tie a knot on the open part of the balloon so no flour will spill out.

Now you're done you now have a homemade stress ball.


Physical activity/Running is a great way to relax.Going at a good pace can help release indoorfins which is energy so when you release it you start to feel relaxed.I recommend trying this.

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Zoe Eckhoff


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