The Florida Museum of Natural History By: Jessica Hill

Introduction: Going to visit this museum was a great and really cool experience! I enjoyed getting to see all the different exhibits and how they introduced me to multiple aspects of history. It was interesting to see how the museum was set up to show important pieces of history as well. On the weekend that I went to visit, there were multiple families there to see the museum too and it really opened my eyes. I have forgotten how much people enjoy going to museums and I had forgotten how much I enjoy going to museums too.

Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville By: Jessica Hill

Nature on Display: One of the most popular exhibits in the museum. Not only was the room and settings of the displays appealing, but I found it very interesting. It was clever for the museum to set up the lights in a way that added intensity to the room. The exhibit captured my attention with the dramatic lighting and the extinct creatures on display. My journey through this room showed me that there where creatures that roamed this earth that I have never heard of before. It also amazes me that in comparision to these creatures, I am very small and weak, but know, humans have taken over and created a society where we are more powerful. What I enjoyed most in the museum is seeing this exhibit.

Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville. By: Jessica Hill

Nature and Ethics: Getting to experience the Florida Natural History Museum, I can agree with Leopold's statement. I tend to go day by day not really in tune with my surrounds and most people forget that not only is there a present time but there is a past too. The museum allowed me to view nature in extreme measures. Realizing that there is much more to this world made me admire, love, and respect this life that I am living. Looking around the museums I saw many families and most children and adults found appreciation in what they were observing. This specific museum had many elements that had you interacting with nature. There was areas set for children to interact with frogs, drawers that lead you to mysterious objects, hallways that lead you in and out of different environments, and the butterfly exhibit. Learning about nature and getting to interact with it while learning about the exhibits make me appreciate the process so much more.

Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville. By: Jessica Hill

Nature and Human Spirits: People tend to live their day to day lives without stopping and think about the past. When visiting museums this allows us to take time to remember. When we get too caught up in our own worlds, we forget that we are apart of an even bigger world. the Natural History museum helps us step out of our day to day routines by stopping and acknowledging history. With all the exhibits on display, the museum isn't just there to inform you, it if there to inspire you. When visiting any museum you learn about yourself. What piece of artwork provokes emotion, what exhibit catches your eye, why are we drawn to certain things. Taking time out of my day to visit this museum helped me learn about my myself, and how nature not only effects my community, but myself as well.

Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville. By: Jessica Hill

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