Perfect Perspective VOLUME ONE /Caulfield/ daniel iglesias

All Rise Type Beat-

If the book of Catcher in the Rye was turned into a film and music was needed for a scene, I guarantee there would be no words. An orchestra or instrumental acts as a vessel of emotion. Melody sets the tone of a situation, with either harsh drums accompanying exciting action or soft piano strokes alongside heartwarming love scenes.(Creativity)

The All Rise instrumental signifies and goes as the background noise to an epic battle of innocence as depicted by the mix between harsh bass and classical track, innocence held onto with much might. Despite an inevitable fall into darkness that is a separate world of lies and hurt. " I don't like Old men in their robes, with their nasty chests, and disgusting legs"(Salinger 7). Now at this point Holden is trying to push adult hood away as much as possible , deeming it nasty and gross. Separating himself from ugly adults as much as possible. Continuing the fight between innocence and life of sin.

ASAP Rocky Type Beat

In this scene the ASAP Type Beat would play from the background gradually getting louder and louder as to signify the overwhelming transcendence into adult hood. with the instrumentals illusive and hypnotic melody signifying a montage and development of character Holden endures. "we were throwing snow, it was childish but we enjoyed it"(Salinger 35). Confusion that comes with labeling personality. Holden is not being a hypocrite he is evolving and changing before the audience. He might be lost and his thoughts wont make sense and we catch that, but like the real world nothing truly makes sense and to dare make sense out of thoughts is something science can't even definitively explain. Thus the lost/hypnotic track would complement the mysteries of life we see Holden go through.

New Rules Beat

New Rules perfectly fits into the scene where late a night Holden has to address this newly found feeling of lust in a subtle yet awkward manner. Where he calls up a female late at night with one real thought in mind ;). He conforms to adult hood by attempting to play the game of flirting which will lead him nowhere. But the track does not fit the lust so much as it fits the innocent curiosity of something so not. The light humming track suggests a maintained level of innocence in the events that would lead up to anything but that, in fact the exact opposite. It would lead to the definition of adult hood ; adultery. Becoming a man. "I made my voice deep when I called her"( Salinger 65). He is now trying not to be a kid , kids have light voices not deep. Old men have deep vocals.

Piano Beat

The Piano Beat addresses the depressing but now real adult world Holden lives in. The broken track seeps into a sorrow filled attitude which carries easily into the fakeness even Holden adopts and closed mindedness overly developed. Almost making like an average person who stays ignorant and never truly lives their dreams." I stopped talking to him if he was going to be so sensitive about it"(Salinger 82). In the end exactly what he did not want to happen from the beginning happened. Holden assimilated into an average old man/man. Who only thinks at and about small people and not any further, like up and out at the stars. The broken track matches his now maybe not seeable sad life at first glance but truly depressing reality that consumed a once hopeful young boy.

So Cold Beat

This coat of sadness that is the beat plays into the extensive adult life that lead Holden's unhealthy thoughts of suicide "im kinda an atheist , I cant pray"(Salinger 99) Lack of hope matches hopeless and sad drum beat. He once was scared for no reason of adult hood but now we finally see why. Adult hood signifies ignorance, loneliness, and depression. Things he exhibits when he grows old as an adult. The song behind the scene suggests hopeless ness maybe we all have to go through it . :(


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