Do you put effort into school

“Why is doing your school work a struggle?” Many students do not do their school work whether it is class work or home work, but they have different reasons why. Common reasons are disliking a teacher, laziness, and disliking the subject of the class. 89.3% of the students who took a survey said that they do their classwork and 82.1% said that they do their homework. Most of the people who took the survey get mostly A's and B's for grades, quite a few get B's and C's, and very few get F´s or bad grades. Only 70.4% of people who took the survey said that they put effort into getting the grades that they get. When I asked PRHS freshman Salma Tidwell ¨What do you dislike about school?¨ she said ¨school work and they grade your work on whether you do what the teacher says and studies have shown that homework doesn't help us.¨ When I asked another PRHS freshman, Kate Dennish the same question she said ¨the learning part.¨ Most students do dislike school because they have to do work or because they have work to do when they get home from school too. When I asked Kate ¨What motivates you to do your homework and classwork?¨ she said ¨If I do my school work and get good grades I can get into college and not be homeless when I am older.¨ After I asked Salma the same question she had a somewhat similar answer which was ¨ I keep my grades up because I want to go to college and I don't wanna to get my phone taken away and I wanna play sports.¨ For most high school students their motivation is to get into college but for students who don't want to go to college it is hard to find motivation to do your classwork and homework. During the interview with Kate Dennish I asked her if she dislikes any of her teachers and she said ¨ Yes Mr. Goodin and Mr. Decou.¨ Then I asked the following question which was ¨When you are in their classes does it make it harder for you to do your work because you dislike them?¨ and her response was ¨Yes because they are constantly on my nerves.¨ The answer to the question at the beginning of the story is many different things and most people have a different answer when they are asked that question.

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