Isaiah's carvey

First to start my carvey I had to pick a black and white picture so I can trace the picture and this was my picture and it was kind of difficult because i had to add more color to the lines that were to small and they would break off.

My picture after I traced it

After I traced my picture I had to send it over to the carvey so it could carve my photo. Then I picked two colors together and I choose white on the outside and red on the inside. After I picked my color I put it in the carvey and stared carving and it turned out like this.

Taking a picture of my carvey when done

That picture inspired me because I love basketball and I want to continue my career until I stop and that picture showed my affection of how much I love basketball. after it came out it, it came out the way I expected which was the red inside the white and the white on the outside.

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