Fitopia Brianna Nevarez & Maddy Jones

Welcome to our Utopia where we, "Stay healthy, Stay Happy". In this Utopia everyone is inspired to be healthy and stay healthy. In this Utopia there is a purpose and a vision, our purpose and vision statement is, "This utopia exists because it is focused on the healthiness of the community.

In our utopia we have some rules all member of the community are supposed to follow all of the rules are punishment will come before them, the first rule is, no alcohol or drugs that are not prescribed to that member, the reason for this is so our community can have the healthiest life possible and since drugs and alcohol or the complete opposite of that we have banned all types of both drugs and alcohol. The second rule is you must do your daily yoga, meditation and workout, we enforce this rule so our members can stay as healthy as possible, our third rule is to eat healthy, no junk food or sugary food is allowed or the members could be punished, we do this so our members can no what is right to eat and what is wrong to eat. Our fourth rule is to not fight or be angry with your family, your family will help you through whatever anger you have towards them or another community member, the fifth rule is do not liter, we keep this rule so our community can stay clean and making sure it always looks nice. The sixth rule is to maintain a healthy living style, not just working out and eating healthy but to keep your house clean, making sure your school work is complete before the next day and also just going to school or your job. Our seventh rule is when counseling with your family, you are supposed to share your feelings that you had had throughout the day, the reason we express and share our feelings is so we can release them and show our family how we were feeling and how they can help us. Eighth rule is do not lie. Lying to your family, friends and members is a great dishonor to your family and you yourself. Ninth rule is to be honest in everything you do, the more honest you are the better, if you break something it is better to say you did it ten blame it on someone else. Our last and final rule is to stay happy and think positively, staying happy can improve many things in your life, that is why we enforce this rule so much.

Our utopia is located in Bahamas because it is a relaxing place.

A daily routine for our members will go as follows. At 7:30 every morning our members wake up and get started with their day, then at 7:35 they do yoga and meditate until 8:00 where they get ready for the day whether it is going to a job or to school. At 8:15 they pack their school or work bag with everything they need in it then the father leaved to go to work. 8:25 leave for school, 9:00 school starts, 11:45-12:45 it is lunch break for everyone, at 12:55 they return to school or work. At 2:45 is when all jobs and schools get out, teens with also go to their daily job after school has finished. At 4:00 they return home to have a family meal with their family this happens on a daily basis. At 5:00 children and parents do any type of work they were assigned that day, 6:30 is when families get together and they counsel with each other and they discuss how their day was and how they felt. At 7:05 is the time they separate into their rooms and they meditate again just to relieve all of the stress they had that day, at 7:15 they do their workout, workouts can depend on what they want to do. 8:00 is when they get ready for bed, and at 9:00 they go to bed.

Our government is a republic government, this government is where the people choose who will lead their community and their government, they do this so no one will randomly walk up and say "Hey i'm your new leader!" we don't want that, that is why we choose the republic government.

Some reasons to come and join our utopia is because we live in a healthy environment just like everyone wants to, no pollution none of that. Yes there are some rules that you must follow but they are to help you in this utopia without a doubt. I am very positive.


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