Medical Magnets By Madeline robbins

What are medical magnets?

Medical magnets are magnets that are placed into jewelry and shoe inserts. These magnets supposedly relieve pain. Magnet therapy dates back 2,000 years, in that time doctors thought that magnets could drain disease from the human body. Now it has been proven by countless scientific studies that medical magnets may not work at all. Though there is a lack of evidence supporting medical magnets the companies that advertise and sell these products make an estimated 1 billion dollars a year.

How medical magnets could be beneficial

There are some suggested ways medical magnets could benefit our bodies. For example, magnet therapy could help increase our blood flow in the section of the body where the magnets are enforced, this could lead to healing. Another proposition was that medical magnets align water molecules which reduces swelling. However convincing these suggestions may seem they were quickly debunked by the author of the article. For the first suggestion the article stated that the magnet is to small too actually affect the blood flow . And for the second suggestion the article stated that even large magnets did not line up water molecules and therefore the small surface magnets would not have any affect.


My overall conclusion is that these products have no scientific evidence supporting that they actually work. Studies on the magnetic jewelry show that they have no effect on pain, nerve function or blood flow.


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