Lindsay Dube Genius Hour What affect will FACING 2-5 fears of my fears have on my stress level?

Blog Post 1

  • For this years genius hour project I have decided to focus on my fears. Particularly how facing them will effect my stress levels through this experiment. This project is important because I struggle with stress. My over-analyzation of situations and constant stress stops me from doing things that I could have done otherwise. The best way I can describe this is someone trying to push me off a cliff and me being to scared to jump so they just chunk me off and then laugh when there is a ledge that catches me! There have been several times where I have been too scared to try something and instantly regretted not doing it once the opportunity has passed. (Seriously! My parents call me a stresser pig and say my tail is always twitching) My goals for this project are to (hopefully) get a positive outcome and have a better understanding about what causes my stress and how to deal with it better. I will track my progress on my fears with series of videos/blog posts about how facing them made me feel. For my final product I will put all of them together and made a final vlog about my experience.

Blog Post 2

  • This week I am focusing more on the research side of things instead of going out and facing fears. However, during Easter weekend I faced my fear of falling by going to 6 flags with amity and riding pretty much anything that went fast, high or upside down. That was a terrifying but groundbreaking experience. I knew that I would eventually have to ride the “scary” rides because there was no way amity was going to let me live it down but I started to become very nervous while in line for our first ride (we were in line for a while). The longer we waited the worse it got and I started to stress about all the things that could go wrong and just crazy things that would never happen. We finally get up to the ride and i'm very nervous at this point but I have come to far to turn back now, as the ride starts moving up the long stretch of track before the big drop my fear and anxiety got much worse. This was a pretty normal response because while I don't mind going fast or going upside down, drops are a different story. We finally got to the top and i'm about to hyperventilate (just ask amity) but as we round the top and start our descent I started to actually have fun! After the ride was over I was just such a rush of like WOW! Did I really just drop 255 feet? I had spend all this time having stress and anxiety over something so small and stupid that I now found enjoyment in. So as for facing fear #1 I would have to it was a major success! The next fear I plan to face is speaking in front of people. I'm not like scared of doing this it just freaks me out until I can calm my heart rate down! But seeing as I am running for district FFA office in like 2 weeks I don't have much of a choice :)

Blog Post 3

  • This week I have been preparing to face my second fear, public speaking. This Friday I will travel to Florence High School and go through the process of (hopefully) becoming a district officer. There are several steps that have gone into this tedious process. First I submitted an online application, I will take a general FFA knowledge test followed by several interview and finished off with a speech given to all the attending members. I will get an office based on my cumulative score. I am very nervous about this because it something I have been working on for basically my entire life and if mess it up I will have lots of people disappointed in me. My plan for facing this fear is to just be as prepared as possible. I know that I get nervous but I also have to believe in my god given ability to speak in front of other people. I will just have to work extra hard to memorize my speech and study for my test and interviews and I should be in good standing to get an office. I have been that excited nervous you get before jumping out of an airplane for almost 2 weeks and while I am terrified of jumping I also just want it get it over with. I have done some additional research on stress and found that it is caused by a chemical that your brain releases when it is frightened. My next step for my project is to just face my fear head on and clinch my role as a district officer!

Blog Post 4

  • So this past friday I faced of of my biggest fears yet! I got up on stage and gave my speech about why I should be a district officer and all my hard work paid off! I am officially a 2017-2018 Cen-Tex District FFA Officer, I was elected treasurer of the team. So while giving my speech was big part of the election I first had to take a 60 question test over general FFA knowledge and then I sat through an interview with about 15 people and answered various thought questions about how I would handles different situations. I was candidate number 9 so there were quite a few people in front of me. The entire time I was waiting to give my speech I was a nervous wreck. I was pacing and saying it in my head as many times as I could. I was absolutely terrified of embarrassing myself on stage. (you can ask ms. Eurich but I wouldn't eat anything that entire day and they got super mad at me) It was finally my turn and my heart just started pounding! I get up on stage and I can Ms. Eurich take pictures of me and all the sets of eyes of the people I would have to impresses. I start into my first line and I can't breath. My knees are trembling and I scared to miss a part of my speech. But the funniest thing happened, I gave my speech perfectly and answered the thought question with strait confidence. As soon as I walked off that stages just about 60 pounds lifted of my chest! I had done it. I gave my speech perfectly and now the rest was up to the voting delegates. The race wasn't over but the uphill battle was finished. I heard the 2 candidate numbers called for President and Vice President. “That's okay there are still 4 more spots”. Then candidate number 8 was called then 10 and then 3 and then finally they called candidate number 9! That was me. I was the last to be called so I was a wreck. Then they told us our offices and I was over the moon. I have worked my entire life to become apart of something bigger than myself and the FFA is where I can do that. I practically knocked over Ms. Eurich with the force of my hug. She's about 90% of the reason I can do everything I am. The point is I not only faced my fear but I conquered it and now I am a stronger person for it! #chasingmydreams

Blog Post 5

  • This week I have been focusing on finding more research about how stress affects the brain. So far I have found that the brain releases certain chemicals when the stressors in someone's life trigger a reaction in the brain. I have found that since facing my fears that I am not as worried about them and the thought of facing them again doesn't make me as nervous. I used several online sources to find things about stress and how it relates to the brain. Reading about how they are linked is really interesting because there is a lot of connections you would have never even thought about. The next step for my project will be to put my product together. I would have loved to face another fear but I ran out of time so I was only able to get to 2 of them. My product will be a video of the roller coaster and the other half will be the video of me giving my officer speech at Cen-Tex District convention. I will put both on a google slides presentation and present it to the class that way so that it flowers together better. I just really excited to be done with this project and get the summer started!!!


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