Reconstruction By: charlotte j. And mackenna

Reconstruction begins!

Reconstruction is the effort after the war to re-organize the seceded states and bring them back to the Union. Reconstruction is needed because the country after the war is dangerous. The south is in ruins and we now have the state in a huge amount of debt.

Two Presidential Plans

Lincoln's plan for reconstruction is to fix the Union as fast as possible. He believes that we shouldn't punish the south because it will delay bringing the nation together again. But Lincoln's plan won't end up working because he got assasined by John Wilkes Boothe last week. Now Johnson is president and his plan has 3 conditions. Nulfy its act of secession, acknowledge that the U.S. goverment won't be paying the war debts, and ratify the 13 comendmet. (Slaves are abolished)

Slaves are free in Texas!

General Gordon granger came to Texas to announce Lincoln's Emacipation Proclamation. He also was in charge of taking control of texas. Juneteenth is the day that slaves became free. It is exciting for the freedman but not so much for the slaveowners. The Freedman's Bureau is an organization that gives slaves a place to stay, education, food, and other necesities.

New Texas governer appointed

Presedent Johnson appointed Andrew J. Hamilton because he was a Unionist and hopefully won't be racist. The delegates at the constitutional convention are ex-confederates who will cooperate with Hamilton's ideas. This convention is bias to blacks because all of the delegates are ex-confederates who don't want blacks to be free.

Andrew J. Hamilton.

A new constitution!

The new constitution gives blacks the rights to gain property. The ex-confederate are in control and are refusing to ratify two amendments to the U.S. constitution. Black codes are laws that limit the rights of African Americans, passed by the southern government.

Congress Takes Control!

The Congress feels that Johnson's plan is not working because he is being too nice to the southerners. Now radical republicans are in control. They are people who think Congress should direct reconstruction. They took control by kicking Johnson out of the reconstruction plan.

Radical Reconstruction Begins!

The plan that congress has made for reconstruction says that the governments in the south are illegal and they are now in charge. The military districts have an army in every one to get the radical reconstruction to begin. Texas and Louisiana make up the fifth district. The Ironclad oath says that the individual never served voluntarily in the confederate army or aided in the confederacy.

Freedmen get to vote!

Other freedman or the freedman bureau are encouraging other freedman to vote. By 1868 more than 50,000 freedman were registered. The klu klux klan is a secret organization of white men that came together after the civil war and use violence and terror against anyone having to do with African Americans. The KKK opposes carpetbaggers and scawlags because they are for African Americans freedom and want to help them.

KKK Attack

On January 1871 500 masked men attacked the Union county jail and hung eight black prisoners without a trial.

Reconstruction ends!

Reconstruction in Texas officially ended in March 1870. White people in Texas were upset about the fact that African Americans and tejanos had authority over them. Freed people during reconstruction lived in rural areas or near towns taking jobs in homes of white people to get paid (technically slavery). In 1872 the KKK forced all voters to vote for democrats and they ended up wining the election and black people aren't treated the same anymore.


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